New Worm

Well, I woke up this morning to find about sixty random emails with attachments in my inbox. I guess there’s a new worm afoot. Word of warning to everyone: this one can apparently disguise its attachment as a .txt file, and not just by pulling some stupid naming trick like calling it “file.txt.exe” or something–it actually appears to be a real .txt file. Don’t open it. It actually contains some nasty key-logging code, apparently.

Are you reffering to this one?[email protected]

That’s the only new Worm I’ve heard of, if it’s another I’d appreciate anymore info though

Edit: Well checking out Symantec’s site there’s some other stuff new to the wild, but the one above is the only one that’s got listed as infecting more then 50 computers (listed as 1000+)

Yeah, that’s the one. CNN has a story up on it, too:

Yup, I got a couple of those emails yesterday, too. I’m glad Symantec came out with a fix so fast. Some major companies, including one that my wife is doing some contract work for, had to shut down their mail servers because of this worm.

Yeah, my workplace got smacked ahrd around 4:30 est yesterday. Glad I’m off today and don’t have to clean up the mess.

My work got about 200 messages with this attachement. Luckily, my firewall is set to strip out pretty much all possible virus laden attachments (except .zip, and Symantec pushed out an update before I got a message with that attachment). I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.