New WoW servers - RP vs RP

Link here. Some speculation that it might be tied to patch 1.7…

It will be interesting to see whether it just devolves into the usual PVP gank/abuse fest, or whether the RP denomination will save it. Its like an acronym fight: PVP versus RP, who will win!

This tells you every thing you need to know

Heh, true true. Myself, I’m looking forward to playing against many fucksticks. :D A bunch of friends and I are starting up there (coming from Silverhand). There’s even a dedicated website to these two servers, which went up a few months back.

Most of that crowd is going to Maelstrom. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be a bit different and refreshing. I fully expect to be ganked all the time, that comes with the PvP enviroment. But I’ll also be able to play a bit more the way I wanted to. More of an edge. More fear. More unknown. Kinda like Pre-trammel UO (or Shadowbane). All fear, all the time. Only with less red-status-handicaps. :P

Cool! I’ll be making a char on Maelstrom… I’d love to hook up with any other QT3ers that plan on being there.

I’ll be going for Maelstrom too - anyone have any objections to that being the official unofficial QT3 PVP/RP WOW hangout?


I quit WoW a few months ago, but never got round to cancelling my account. (I just can’t let go apparently). Maybe I will try joining you guys and see if I enjoy beating up fucksticks in character.

Don’t bother signing up for the new RP vs RP servers. They are going to be so crowded, you’ll be sitting in a log-in queue for half an hour every day.

I’ll be on the Alliance side (drunken gnome for teh win!). The guild my friends and I are creating is a gnome/dwarf guild, with the theme being alcohol. We’re a bunch of drunk loonies, and we even have some backstory to go along with it all (of my friend’s doing, he creates webcomics and has a pretty damned good imagination). Looking forward to fighting alone side y’all, or stabbing you in the back with knives. :)

So? Just websurf for the ten minutes or so it takes to get through the queue. I play on Proudmoore normally, which is nearly always down as ‘Full’ and it’s no big deal.

The starting zones will radio-fcuking-rental the first few days, though - I love the insanity of a new server. Might make a NE and run across the wetlands at first level…

I’m going to fiddle with it (Maelstrom) on Alliance side.

I wouldn’t mind to stick with it in the long term but without an endgame guild the game is just unplayable past 60. And we know that qt3-types of guild aren’t really that much active in the long term.

Forsooth, I have been WTFpwned!!!

Are these new servers red servers? PvP anyone anywhere any race?

The pvp-rp servers don’t have any new rules or anything. They just combine the gameplay ruleset from pvp-servers and the social ruleset from rp-servers.

Oh, that’s not terribly exciting.

Its kind of lame. I am still waiting for them to one day make the brilliant decision to low any race/class with any faction. IE: Human Horde Paladin or Tauren Alliance Shamin, for example.

When the new PvP server was opened in Europe the queues went over 8000 and it took about ten hours to get in… We only got one server of course, and most PvP servers were already at high population. It looks like you got several new servers not long ago, so I guess it might not be that bad.

Do people actually RP on the RP servers? I don’t play on one, but NO ONE RPs on the other servers. Are the rules actually more strict for character names too? I’m tired of seeing people named ASDFJKL: and Laym and such.

Not tried them myself, but apparantly some do RP on them, but there are constant complaints about people not RPing, or not RPing well enough. There are stricter naming rules, but these are only enforced if someone bothers to report the name (similar to other servers with more lax naming rules). RPers do seem to be more fanatical about reporting names though, if one believes the posts on various forums.

hahaha :lol: