New Xbox 360 dashboard + content/games

Since I couldn’t see any other threads, I thought I’d start one, as I think this new dashboard is worth commenting on.

So far I like it. Seems fairly functional and common sense. I like the new friends display, but I don’t quite get what the background to each friend is about. Also, haven’t really tried the “party” system other than just to quickly chat to a friend. Comments about either?

Tried “Kingdom for Keflings” single player, which looks quite pleasant - and I love the idea of it being a game where I can see my avatar and have buddies come in and play. But not sure whether there’s much of a game there or not. Or that there’s any sort of challenge other than build-on-buildings… or whether any of my buddies would play. Wonder if my lady would be keen to play on the same console (possible?).

Oh, snap. Fail.

I’ll second that.

Well, I didn’t know what the hell “NXE” meant, either, until I saw a bunch of threads somewhere else referring to it that way. Or PA or something.

I was thinking it was a graphical representation of the game they are playing? I could easily be wrong.

Grats on 3,000 posts.

Holy shit, crappy 3,000th post.

And yeah, NXE was lost on me as well…

I have golf clubs all of a sudden. Seeing as how I’ve never played a golf game and don’t particularly like it IRL, it seemed like an odd choice.