New Xbox, am I screwed on content download?

For the content I actually paid for, can I not get it on my new Xbox without actually paying for it a second time?


You should be able to sign in on Xbox Live using your new Xbox and download the content that way using an “Account Recovery” process. Once you do that, however, your new Xbox is registered as the Xbox for your Xbox Live account, and if you want ot use your old Xbox for Xbox Live content, you’ll need to do an Account Recovery on that machine.

I’ve done this for LAN parties, where half the Xboxes didn’t have the latest patches and the other half did. It’s the only time I’ve cursed Xbox live (after entering my damn credit card information for the 8th time as part of account recovery). They don’t make it easy, but it does work.

Can you verify that you actually redownloaded purchased content and were not billed? I did do the account recovery, figuring that was the way to go, but when I go to the Content Download menu in PGR 2, it’s all still worded as if I’m about to drop another $4.99 for Paris.

Come to think of it, I think I only did it for free content in Mech Commander and Splinter Cell.

So, no, I can’t verify. ANd that’s a damn good question, too, since I will probably be replacing my Xbox in the next few months…

since I will probably be replacing my Xbox in the next few months…

um…Dumb Question:

As someone who is considering getting an Xbox now that they’ve dropped below one-fifty, I have to ask…why do you need to replace it? Do they wear out? Are the newer ones different and somehow better?

Thanks for humoring me.


If you bought a 1st gen XBox there are definite reasons to get a new box. The first gen DVD drives have started to exhibit problems as they age, and are considerably slower than more recent versions.

My Xbox is, unfortunately, first gen, and my DVD drive is slowing getting more and more cranky (it now balks at about every 10th DVD). I do most of my gaming on the PC, but it’s times like this that I hate consoles. On my PC, the DVD dies, no worries – go out and buy another DVD drive. On the xbox, you replace the xbox.

Not too different that what has been reported with the early PS2s, incidentally. I guess DVD drives just sucked 3 years ago.

Disposable consumer society.

I wouldn’t have any qualms about buying a new xbox, though.

Plus you can slap a modchip into your old xbox and load it up with the xbox media center. Woo!

You can buy replacement xbox DVD drives off ebay.