New Year’s Gaming Resolutions 2018

Post specific gaming goals for the year. Try to avoid low-effort posts about how you resolve to play some games in your backlog. Lean toward accomplishments and getting rid of bad habits like a real resolution.

  • Play less PUBG
  • Beat Master Ninja difficulty in Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden II
  • Learn to jump cancel in Devil May Cry 3 or 4
  • 1CC Crimzon Clover on Arcade difficulty (this will be very hard…)
  • Make Silver rank in Street Fighter 5

Now that the X1X update is released for Witcher 3 on Xbox, I resolve to finally beat Witcher 3 and its expansions.

Spend less money on gaming. Crimany.

2560 x 1440, same as 2017.

Gaming 2018 - New Computer Build. I’m excited.

I learned via Discourse search that screen resolution is a very popular topic on QT3!

Hmm, play more games with my son. That’s about it.

Also maybe play more in general this year. 10 hours in the last 2 weeks puts me at just over 100 for the year total gaming, so I’d like a little more time for that.

Which leads into mine - only buy games when I’m ready to play them immediately.

  • Give Players Unknown BattleGrounds a try
  • Try to play less Grim Dawn and other ARPGs so that I have time for other genres in 2018.
  • Keep trying to finish the courtroom level in Wolfenstein II without lowering the difficulty
  • Try at least 50% of the indie games I bought this Thanksgiving/Holiday sales period
  • Get through Bloodborne without compromising on exploring everything. Don’t just skip whole sections and go to the end. Finish the damn open-ended Nightmare areas with too many paths.
  • Kill the damn tree in Dark Souls 3, and finish Dark Souls 3.
  • Try to stay away from driving games in 2018 so that I have more time for other genres. Just temporarily. I promise.
  • If Red Dead Redemption 2 has the equivalent of the first game’s Mexico section, with almost no redeeming qualities, try to just put your head down and play past it somehow.
  • 1CC an arcade game before the end of the year.
  • Limit all PC purchases other than gifts to Humble Bundles or the Monthly.
  • Finish the games we got for Christmas.
  • Expand my Retro setup so all systems are comfortably available to play.
  • Buy Panzer Dragoon Saga for SEGA Saturn, play and complete it.

Pre-order nothing.

Play awesome stuff and enjoy it.

Make more, play more.

More modern computer.

Give Frontier: Elite 2 a real go.

Probably to stop reading these forums, as my gaming spendings have been multiplicated by 4 since I joined. I used to never buy anything over 5 bucks!

Remove more from the backlog than I add to it. Also, play a lot of Gloomhaven. Hm. I think I have a conflict of interest there.

Play more Japanese games. And learn Japanese to fully appreciate them.

Also, try to be more selective in my game purchases. And try to not increase my backlog in a way that by the time the year ends I have more games to play than I had in the beginning, unlike 2017. ;)

If you can do that in 2018, that would be impressive!

Spoiler: the results might be the opposite to what is expected.