New Year's Resolutions

It’s coming up fast, so it’s time get a New Year’s Resolution thread back up. After looking through some of the old threads … you know, it’s better to leave those failed resolutions back there. This is new, this is now. Let’s make some promises we can keep.

Next year I have two goals:

  • Lose weight (again, it’s crept back up on me)
  • Swear less

And of the two, the latter will be SO much harder for me. I’ve never married, never had kids, served as a freaking sailor and have an engineering job in IT, all things that have led to me swearing like I mean it and more than a few times, unleashing in front of someone that it really bothers. I apologize to any of you if you’ve taken issue with my posts, but I’ve also had a chat or two with friends and coworkers about it. I don’t want to end up that crusty old man who lives next door and curses at the neighborhood kids until they cry. I can do better.

Let’s hear it from you guys: what resolutions are you making or breaking for next year.

My 2018 resolution was to make a resolution next year… So I guess I should get to it.

Okay. I have a crappy dead end job. So I think maybe I will do something about that. Find motivation and energy. Try to think of a goal is an actual goal because I avoid thinking about things.

This is me most of the time. I have some minor goals for work and financial goals, but as far as day to day things … not much. Its hard to self-assess your day-to-day life.

I really want to say I’ll drink less alcohol and lose some weight but I know deep down I’m not committed enough to actually carry through. So instead I’m going to put all my willpower towards spending much less money on things I don’t need. That includes games I will probably never play. Here’s hoping the Christmas Steam sale sucks!

Throw out all the tech wires and plugs, doodads etc that accumulated over the years and I have no idea anymore what device they are for.

Same thing with old keys.

I have to think more about my 2019 resolutions, but roughly:

  • keep studying stuff that I care about (Japanese, computer languages, etc)
  • be smarter when buying and playing games, try to spend less, and enjoy them more
  • read more books
  • work on my open-source software portfolio - I could use a bit more visibility out there.

My resolution will be the same as every year. I won’t make one. Haven’t broken a resolution in years.

I resolve to finally get around to reading that book about procrastination I purchased several years ago.

That’s a good one. I used to be an avid reader and I’ve fallen so far from that point that it just makes me sad to think about.

Gizmo proposes that your resolution should be to pay more attention to him than to Max.

Read more
Relax more
Drink less
Snap at Ruth less

I don’t do true resolutions, but try and focus on themes. My theme for 2019 is Creativity. I haven’t written or drawn much in the last year, and I want to get back into it.

3440x1440, same as this year.

(sorry, somebody had to do it.)

  • Read 52 books (with the Qt3 Reading Challenge thread for tracking and motivation).
  • Continue tracking calories and losing weight (currently down 23 lbs.)
  • Practice guitar 3 times per week.
  • Make a game.

Woooooo, tell me more. ;)

Heh, I’ve had a design document kicking around for a year or so for a 1v1 game combining auction-based deckbuilding, simultaneous-turn tactics, and billiards. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, but I still need to teach myself a game engine (I’m a programmer, but mostly doing data APIs in Java), come up with passable art despite an utter lack of talent in that area, and motivate myself to work on it regularly instead of defaulting to easier ways to spend my free time.

I don’t do new years resolutions. I could never keep them so I just quit.

If you’re going to teach yourself a game engine, I think you should at least take a look at the Godot engine. Really cool (and free and open-source) engine that’s getting better and better.

I’m not going to buy any more games, and not going to visit Qt3 ;).

Ok, i’ll probably stop by a couple times, and probably but a game or two, but i’ve got so many games all coming here does is feed a bad habit. My house is cluttered with stuff, like wall to wall stuff, and it’s just too much. I buy games to support the developer more than play them… but come 2019 that’s got to be somebody else’s job.

But, yea, come New Year, i’m probably signing off from Qt3.

I’m not liking that New Year resolution. I’d rather have you stay around.

Aw, thanks though.

Honestly… it’s because there is more pleasure in not having everything you want and getting rewarded sometimes, than in having everything you want all the time. I feel like i really need to focus next year and going cold turkey is the best i can do… i’m not great with partial moderation. And having to change habits is never a bad thing! (And stating this in public puts me on the hook to enforce it ^^).