New Year's Resolutions

I too, am not happy with this resolution. You’ve been here a while as well, but I find myself skipping between the forums here as time goes by. That way I don’t get too much of the, “must-have-it-too,” syndrome around the gaming forum all the time. I save my stops over there for a specific game discussion, or updates on what I’m playing now. You can literally sort the gaming forum by heavy posting and get a quick list of things to check out, when you actually DO need another game.

This is easy - same one as last year, only this time, I will stick to it! No, really, THIS TIME!

  • Work on my game backlog one game at a time instead of hopping from game to game and finishing NONE.

  • To actually FINISH playing a game. It’s been two or three years since I played a game to completion.

  • To read more. At least one book a month - that is a very reasonable goal.

  • Start exercising again. Was on a good roll a few years back and just stopped.

  • Lose some goddamn weight for the first time in a decade so you don’t die screaming in agony in less than another one. PUT DOWN THE FUCKING TWIX
  • Read some fucking books, you uncultured goon. I mean Jesus we’re not even talking good books, just some cheesy scifi shit, okay?
  • Improve your shitty-ass leadership and teamwork skills to ensure the two “SOP” RPG Campaigns you’re running with others are as successful as possible for their huge playerbase
  • Be a better and more attentive partner to your girlfriend, you inconsiderate wanker. She’s sick and needs help with shit, so get your head out of your ass and help more
  • Stop overcommitting to every single fucking thing someone asks of you, Christ. You’re not a fucking time traveler, so stop acting like one and SAY NO SOMETIME
  • Tear down the GOP and salt the earth in the rural lands, giving rise to the eternal Penbladian Hegemony

Sleep Discipline.

Between work, life, gaming and books it’s really, really easy to end up getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night, every night. I need more than that, 7 to 8 hours to be healthy and feel right. Sleep is incredibly important for nearly all aspects of life and health, and I need to stop fucking it up.

Sleep Discipline is my NY Resolution.

For someone who loves to cook, this must be difficult. I have a suggestion to consider (and please forgive the fact that these are reddit links, but reddit truly is the best repository of information about keto):

It absolutely works, it’s shockingly easy, and the food can be pretty great if you have the gear and talent to make the more interesting dishes.

This was me to the Nth degree up until about 40. And for some gloriously strange reason, each year since then my GAD (give a damn) meter has been constantly going further down towards zero. It’s a liberating feeling to finally say, “no,” “I’m not okay with that,” “I’m not doing that anymore,” “I’m setting a boundary here because that bothers me,” and instead focusing back on me. Because I was never fully happy. And without me being happy, no matter how hard I tried to do the same for someone else, it left me feeling down.

And unfortunately, this has also been me post 40. What I wouldn’t give for a solid week of 8 hours of solid sleep a night. Hell I could probably tackle world peace after a week of sleep like that.

The downside of keto is that the part of food I genuinely love most is starches. Meat is just a vehicle for sauces and an excuse to eat delicious, delicious starches, in my book.

In the bad old days, I’d eat a plate of red beans and rice with two slices of bread and a big pile of Zapps-brand spicy potato chips. And it was my favorite fucking meal of all time.

Weirdly enough, I still get a lot from virtually all of it. There are so many good and cool and fun things in my life, and it genuinely brings me a lot of joy to help out friends, create interesting things, etc. But at a certain point I get so much on my plate that I start putting in shitty work on stuff, all of which I are about, and that is what brings me down, in the end.

Also the horrifying lack of sleep. I feel you on the 5-ish hours/night, @Oghier

I too still get enjoyment from helping others and doing a lot of social friend events. But I did a ton of those to, in my words, punch friend time cards. I would go to every event with some of them, and when it was mine … nada. it’s not that they are jerks or assholes, but rather I tried way to hard to be everything to everyone else. Receding back to making sure I kept myself happy was a very good thing that I should have done a lot earlier in life.

Your two points are directly related:

… there is quite a lot of evidence that chronic sleep deprivation makes you crave sugars and starches. This is potentially a two birds, one stone (but no gravy) solution ;)

I’ll stop now. I can be annoying persistent about this. Whatever you do, good luck! Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix this.

Who is Skipper talking to?

On topic, how’s everyone doing with those resolutions anyway?

oops, looks like I replied to a spammer. I’ll remove my post. Sorry for the confusion.

Almost time to create a “New Year’s Resolutions for 2020”, I suppose.

I am resolute to be dissoulute.

There, I think that takes care of it!

We’ll I’m glad to say that I managed to backslide on literally every single one of these elements over the last two years :(

I was so naive back then!

Hey, right there with you. I’m purposefully blaming COVID, because when we have an excuse everyone can recognize, I’m GOING to use it.

Truly though, excess drinking from stress added to my calories, and cursing, throughout the year this year. Both failures on my journey. We do what we can though.

Thread title changed so that I can continue to post Skipper’s resolution failures year after year.

This year I’m trying to make them a bit easier.

  1. More fiber every day.
  2. More water every day.

I think my doc would be happy with me -actually- doing both of these instead saying I will, so there is that. But also I’ve had times of my life when I was better at both of these and things were, uh … much smoother sailing.

Anyone else got things they will probably fail at?

No failures for me. As I have stated previously, many years ago I resolved to never make a resolution again. Batting 1000. :)