Newest Serenity trailer

“Do you want to run the ship?”

“… well… you can’t.”

So glad I bought the set. I’m looking forward to this.


The trailer inspired me to Netflix Firefly (I’d heard about it, but never actually watched it) and…wow. Given Joss’s previous work improving from season to season and the direction that show was heading, I think if they’d let him run for just a few seasons, even, that would be my favorite show ever. Might be anyway…darn close. I adore it. The dialogue is great, and the characters are priceless. And Serenity looks like it’s gonna be a GREAT movie.

The executives at Fox were the first lined up against the wall and shot when the Revolution came.

Then the lawyers.

Are you kidding? Maybe not in domestic box-office gross, but I’d say that DVD sales all but guarantee this movie will make a tidy little profit.

Seeing it on the 19th, yay. We’re not getting it in NZ until mid November, so this is a bigger deal for me than you dam-yankees.

I liked Firefly, but I didn’t watch it beyond the first episode when it was first run on TV. Why? Because the executives at whatever network it was on had them run the train robbery episode FIRST, before the actual pilot episode. Seriously… That’s one of the reasons they claim the show failed. Everyone tuned in to the show and all the characters were already established, and people were like, “What is this? A Western in space?” and didn’t tune back in.

Had they actually released the pilot first, a lot of questions would have been answered. Seriously stupid way to launch a show.


Those two words pretty much capture the essence of the Fox programming executives in a nutshell.

If you watch the extra materials on the disc you’ll discover that the train Robbery episode was shot as a “second pilot” based on what the Fox execs were looking for.

Too bad it didn’t work. I was one of the folks who tuned in, felt like I had no idea what was going on, and only watched one more episode on the original run.

It’s a crime what they did to that show. A crime!

as I recall from commentaries, the reason Serenity (the original pilot) wasn’t aired first were:

a) A bit too dark and grim. Notice that Mal especially is much more of a prick in the pilot - he’s a bit more lighthearted throughout the rest of the show.
b) Not enough action, too slow. Serenity spent a lot of time establishing characters.
c) No clear villian. This is why you got Nishka and his freaky bondage clown bodyguard guy in the Train Robbery - they wanted a nice over the top cartoony villian.

In other words, network executives are fucking retarded.

Gotta admit that Nishka rocked pretty hard the second time around…

“Wait! This is something the captain has to do on his own.”

“No! No it’s not!”

Okay, I just saw Serenity last night at a screening…and it was AWESOME. OMFG, it was so good, it exceeded my already high expectations. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to see it again…waaaahhh…

I am desperately trying to get my girlfriend to rent the DVDs for the series before Serenity comes out. She knows the trip to the theater is as inevitable as mousquitos in New Orleans right now, but I fear she won’t “get it” without seeing the series. One thing Whedan is reliable about are intricate weaves of plots. For only having 12-15 episodes Firefly managed to put a lot of plotlines and character development out.

I never saw Firefly until the DVD release, then watched them almost as fast as I could. The difference between the relatively cardboard-cutout sarcastic rebel types at the beginning and the much more fleshed-out versions we had jsut a few episodes later was really amazing.

I kinda feel sorry for Whedon for having to keep re-introducing these characters. He did a great job with the feature-length pilot, then Fox made him do a second pilot which re-introduced everyone without compromisng what had happened in the actual pilot.

Now he has to do it all over again, but with 14 episodes of character and plot development behind him already. That’s a bitch of a job, and I’m very keen to see how he pulls it off.

We don’t get it here in NZ until November. There’s your fucked up archaic distribution model right there.

Actually, I saw it in Wellington last night - they did a one-off.

And, yes. It’s brilliant.

The exposition is superbly handled, i think you’d be just about ok seeing it without having seen the series.

The only real problem is a bunch of plot holes, so if that kind of thing bothers you then be prepared. But don’t get spoiled, there are some events you won’t want to know about in advance.

Very well said. For some reason plot-holes don’t bother me much unless they’re gaping huge holes that can ruin the story, which didn’t happen here, IMO. Nearly every movie has some plot-holes, especially sci-fi, so I can deal. ;)