Newish Car time

QT3 I come to you in seek of advice. I have a small problem that you’d think has a simple solution but I am having a hard time coming up with the real answer. What it comes down to is that I need a different car. Here is my current ride

The story behind that monster is that well over a year ago I was driving my nearly new 2008 Alitma home after work when a guy blew a stop sign and broadsided me and totaled my car. The insurance company paid off my Altima and I decided that I did not want a car payment anymore. I searched Craigslist and I found the above vehicle for 2k and I bought it. It gets shit gas mileage but I really don’t drive it far and I don’t drive it often. It has been a great vehicle but with one problem. I live in LA and the car does not fit in any parking garage which is a problem because I am moving to a new station and the only parking that is available is in a parking structure that my current car does not fit in.

That puts me in a bind that I need to do something about. So my options are Buy a new car and deal with everything that comes with it meaning a payment and increased insurance. Buy a used car which still comes with a payment and the increased insurance but it would be less then the new car. Buy a used car under 5k cash and just move forward.

I will admit that the idea of owning a new car is nice but I still cringe at the thought of a 400-500$ a month payment and the increased insurance. The other problem I have is what kind of car to get.

I was looking at the used chargers and they seem to be running 13-18k for an 06-08 which I guess isn’t bad but there are some decent cars I could get for the same price. I also saw an 05 BMW 530-Ii for 16k which was a very nice car for that price.

What does the hive mind think? Personally I’m torn because the thought of a car payment after a year of not having one irks me a bit but the money the issue it is just the fact that I would have that payment again. Not having a car payment was a bit liberating because it was just one less thing to think about.

EDIT: Also I could lower the truck and keep using it but I rather like the way it looks.

The real Frank Castle wouldn’t cry about gas mileage or fitting into parking garages, wuss.

Oh yeah I could really care less about MPG but the parking garage situation is the real problem.

It’s gonna be tough keeping this thread on the topic of car buying with that picture leading the way.

Well honestly you want to know what my current thought is? The reason I was looking at the chargers was because I want to get one and paint it flat black. Once that is done I’m going to paint those skulls on the doors of the charger. I also want to do full limo tint on all the windows and get some black rims.

Awesome right?

Oh yeah and I was also thinking about like an 07 or 08 RX8 but I think they might be priced higher then I’d like.

Marcus, just come out tell us that you’re a super hero by night. It’s nothing that we haven’t all already considered. Mild mannered super cop by day, costumed vigilante by night.

Highway enforcement here in Austin have a bunch of matte dark grey chargers and crown vics with “ghost” graphics on the side that are only visible when you shine light on them.

I’ve always wondered where they got those painted.

Why would a new car payment necessarily be $400-$500? If you’re planning to keep the Punishermobile (and who wouldn’t?), you could get a small, cheap car for commuting to work brand new. Maybe a Kia Rio or something?

You could still do the superhero thing - mild-mannered dude in a cheap sissy car by day, not-so-mild-mannered-dude in a huge black SUV by night.

And a Kia Rio would look perfectly divine in flat black with a skull logo. It would probably be an improvement.

Yeah Jerri that would be the third option of keeping the Punisher Mobile and getting a sub 5k commuter.

I’m with Jerri. I guess it really comes down to what you really need the new car for. If all it is for is an occasional commute, then a small sedan or wagon that gets good mileage is going to be fine. And you can get one of those used and relatively cheap. It’s not really clear to me what you need the a big truck or muscle car for, but it sounds like more of a lifestyle choice then anything else.

FWIW, I have a 2006 Kia Optima and my wife has a 2009 Kia Sorento. Both were bought new, neither has had any problems, and both payments are well below $300.

It’s not really clear to me what you need the a big truck or muscle car for, but it sounds like more of a lifestyle choice then anything else.

Yeah honestly the only reason I have the punisher now is just for shits and gigs. I think it is unique and it makes people laugh. Kids love it though.

Yeah. Good call by Jerri. You could then get the Punisher classified as a leisure vehicle instead of your commuter vehicle and that will lower the insurance premium on it.

Well I think I only pay $45 a month for insurance on the Punisher mobile now so it isn’t that bad.

Man, I want to see Tom behind the wheel of that thing rather than his Honda WiiFit

Wait, what happened to his jeep?

I voted “shit bonerz” but after actually reading your story, seriously, get a cheap used one.

Yeah that is kinda the way I am leaning. Though the idea of the charger does sound fucking cool!

My rule has always been (and the Car Talk guys agree): let somebody else eat the 30% depreciation when they drive that new car off the lot. Buy used.