Nex Machina - Housemarque's latest arcade shooter (PC & PS4)


Yeah, but that’s the rookie leaderboards.



I see I’ll need to revisit this game soon enough. Oddly enough, I do a lot better when I’m playing this on my 15" laptop screen. On my 28" 1440p monitor, I died far more frequently. Perhaps the scale is easier to deal with on a smaller screen, or my eyes can better take in the big picture.

I’m surprised this game reportedly sold so poorly that Housemarque quit the genre and jumped on the generic battle royale bandwagon, there seem to be a lot of people on the leaderboards!


I also want to get back to this game. I loved Resogun and from what I have played this seemed equally good. Nudging this up my backlog.


Indeed it must be returned to, I have @Chappers to get ahead of at the least!


I’ve played it 5 times, should be an easy target.


I now own everything they’ve done except Dead Nation. I haven’t played a bad Housemarque game yet. They hooked me with their games when I saw The Reap for the first time eons ago.

I keep hoping they’ll release The Reap for everyone to see its majesty…


I’d never even heard of The Reap before. Fingers crossed that it sees a release.


I doubt they’ll ever do it. They do acknowledge its existence on their company website at least. I have the original PC game. It’s brilliant. I’d take a GoG release. Anything. There just isn’t much like it. You’re in an alien ship attacking the Earth, hence all the people flying out of everything you destroy. You can even abduct cows! It’s just plain awesome. The only reason I’d want a modern update is so we could have the leaderboards.

Their snowboarding games were excellent too. Really pretty and understated, but graphically brilliant as all their games tend to be with really great physics and control.


My main issue with Housemarque’s games is always just how long it takes to get through one play session to set a high score. It’s just really long after only a couple of days of learning. Then you know that if you want to search for a high score, you need to really sit down for a while.

Pinball games have this problem too.

And no, I don’t know of a solution to this problem. I still enjoy their games a lot though, I just wish I didn’t have to play for so long each game in Resogun, Super Stardust, Nex Machina. Geometry Wars made their game just a bit harder than the Housemarque games, which meant that on the really high scores, you do still have to have long playsessions, but for most people, the play sessions are really short.


Right, but then people complain that it’s too hard.

Basically, you’ve just explained why Housemarque no longer makes this kind of game.


OH wow, thanks for bumping this thread. I forgot I had this game because it barely ran at all on my old rig. Time to try it on the new one!



This gauntlet cannot remain sitting on the table.


Yeah, but that’s a leaderboard in the bottom 40% of difficulty levels.



Well, I didn’t beat @rowe33’s score yet, but at least I beat my own.


Most impressive, I played a bit last night but am super rusty. I couldn’t even get halfway near my previous score from last year.


I’m behind Tom Chick? Well I have my task for the week!


I think I unlocked Master on the PC but haven’t on the PS4 yet. Will work on this!


Hey, why is my score highlighted in that list? Why have I been been singled out???

But to echo what someone else already said in the thread, I don’t really have any interest in setting a high score in Nex Machina, because it’s largely a matter of endurance. I prefer my twin-stick shootering in smaller doses.



Considering your dire score, I’d say you were doing that very well already!