Next game?

Ok what game should I play next, I’ve been collecting out of the bargain bin lately and they’re piling up on the bottom of my desk. I’ve got etherlords II, freedom force, gothic II, wizardry 8, fallout tactics, ghost recon gold pack, space colony, icewind dale and icewind dale II, Empire of Magic (if you’ve seen the box on this one you’ll see the publisher is the MASTER of quoting reviews) and Neverwinter Nights.

I’m just in the middle of this epic game of Civ III where I’m the chinese and I’ve about thrashed almost everyone on my continent and have landed firmly on the American shores and just have to take enough cities to squeak out a histograph victory since the damn americans are ahead in points by about 100. Maybe I should be riding through the american continent like ghengis khan and razing every city on my way to a glorius histographic victory.

Anyway which of those games do you suggest most strongly and since I love to shop the bargain what’s the best online source for bargain games? has a decent list of close-out games if you don’t mind shopping online.

I personally LOVED the Icewind Dale series and would put my vote behind that. Decent stories and some great D&D combat.

Gothic 2

I just began playing this, and I gotta agree. Either this or Wiz8.

Another vote for Gothic II.

Freedom Force is my favorite out of this bunch.
Gothic 2 is awesome.
Wizardry 8 bored me.
Fallout Tactics is very good.
Icewind Dale 1/2 are very good.
Neverwinter Nights by itself bored me, although the editor was fun to screw around with, so I say get the expansion packs post-haste.

Gothic 2 is one of the best CRPGs ever made.

First off burn Empire of Magic.

Outside of it, you have a lot of good games there. I didnt like NWN and I couldnt get into Freedom Force but all of the others I spent a lot of time with. I think the Gothic games are overrated but definitely worth playing.


Fallout tactics has the worst AI I’ve ever seen in a squad-based game. Worse than the original X-COM.

That’s Freedom Force boyeeeeee

How come there are two Wonder Women (one in the front far right, and the other behind Superman)?

Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Wonder Bra…etc.

kind of lost track of the number of green laterns as well.

Reminds me why DC is so cheesy… cool that they were able to make all of those Justice League members in the game though.

The one on the right wearing the grannie panties is the season 1, WWII wonder-woman. The one behind superman wearing the high crotch cut swimsuit bottom is the season2, post-WWII wonderwoman.