Next-Gen Midget Kicking: Golden Axe 360/PS3

It’ll be an Action RPG.

Exciting, except it’s being developed by Secret Level, the guys who did the Final Fight: Streetwise…thing.

Welp, that’s the last we’ll be hearing of this. I didn’t even realize Streetwise had been released until I saw it on the clearance shelf at Target two or three months after it came out.

I loved Golden Axe, but will this game play even passingly similar to the 2.5D side scrolling not-RPG originals? My initial reaction is that it sounds like a crass attempt to cash in on the name… Such things occasionally work out well (e.g. Ninja Gaiden), but that seems more the exception than the norm.

Matt, what’s exciting about it? Do you just mean you liked Golden Axe and are hopeful, or that Secret Level showed something exciting?

Pretty much.

Matt, I loved Golden Axe 1 and 2. LOVED them. Then a few years back when I got into arcade games, I picked up one of each.

Seriously, yhey don’t hold up. Even for 2.5D arcade scrollers.

I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes … I love coop play and Golden Axe was tons of coop fun back in the day.

I think you got it backwards. I tell you what to like.

I had a similar experience. Later 2.5D beat em ups passed them by; D&D and Knights of the Round spring to mind. They’re still fun though.

Snoooore… let me know when golden axe 1,2,3 show up on live.