Next Gen XBox possible in 2006

Man. Look for a resurgence in PC games in 2005, then. The X-Box is gonna look mighty crusty by then. Silly little 733MHz P3…

The article also said it looked like Sony was pushing back to 2006 with the PS3. So yeah, starting next year we may see the pendulum swing back a bit towards PCs for a while.

Look for a resurgence of PC games in late 2003.

I wouldn’t take Ballmer’s comments as “day and date when we plan to launch the next Xbox.”

Microsoft’s release date for the Xbox successor is not marked on a calendar somewhere - it is entirely relative to the PS3’s release. No matter what roadmap they’re working with now, when the PS3’s release is set, they’re going to change that roadmap to be within just a few months of PS3.

And then in 2005 a whole slew of comments about “WELL THE PS4 AND XBOX2 DESTROY THE PC GAME INDUSTRY”

Followed in late 2005 by “What are we all going to do when the new consoles drive our gaming mags out of business” doomsayers. Seems to me Jeff and Steve both still have jobs after the last round.

I hope there will be a new Gamecube too so that we can resume our traditional console wars! :D

Phantom 2 ;)

But when is the next Konix Multi System coming out?

Yeah, I agree. In terms of technology, at least, the PC is ahead again right now. By the end of this year we’ll have (hopefully) stuff like HL2, which is going to make the prettiest games on any of these consoles look dated by comparison.

Not that I think any of that matters in any meaningful way, but it seems to be the thing that drives these “the PC is dying/now it isn’t” cycles.