Next Generation Online podcast

Plug alert: Next Gen Online launched its podcast today. So if you want to hear a bunch of games journos (including yours truly) pontificating on PS3 woes, next-gen hardware wars and lack of Live multiplay in Lego Star Wars II (ha!), tune in here…

Is this blowback from you and Jeremy (or is it Norm?) repeatedly talking about Dead Rising during the “what are you playing…” segments on the PC Gamer podcast? There did seem to be a bit of discomfort with the whole “great guys but what are you playing on the PC?” comment.

No, they’ve been talking about going an NG podcast for some time. There just hasn’t been anything on the PC lately I’ve been that excited about playing.

Nice. I was just looking for a decent Xbox 360 related podcast on iTunes earlier today.

Where’s the RSS feed?

For that matter, where’s the QT3 Official Podcast?

So what’s the heritage between the existing Next Generation Online and the defunct Next Generation magazine?

I ask cause the next Gen magazine was the best games journalism evah, and NGO seems to be mostly morning fax line news regurgitation… Not trying to insult any of you who are involved, it just doesn’t seem like there is much original reporting out of that site…


I just finished listening too it and I think they need to do more to seperate themselves from pc gamer pod cast. At least use different music.

Yeah, I think we’re going to mix it up a bit with different voices. I’ll mention the music thing to the producer.

I couldn’t find it on itunes, and couldn’t find an RSS feed. You need to help people like me get new episodes that will have forgotten about it by next week.


That bit on the last PCGP, where you suggested that the kid get cancer and aproach the Make A Wish Foundation as the best route to becoming a PC Game idea man (if he had the passion), had me laughin’ out loud on the subway this morning.

My understanding is that iTunes adds new sites about once a week, so it should be up soon. In the meantime the RSS feed is available at the official site:

hey Gary,

I listened to the podcast on a long drive today, very nice. Having recently purchased a 360 I enjoyed the focus on the consoles.

Personally, I can’t get enough of the next gen console wars.
It was mentioned on Penny Arcade recently, and I have always thought, the whole Microsoft vs Sony debate is very much like the monday night wrestling wars of a few years back. Big money being spent by Big company’s fighting for the attentions of - arguably - adolecent boys.
My hope is the ultimate winner will be gamers - better games at lower prices.
I did say “Hope” how do you think it will turn out?

Also, don’t you think Dead Rising (which I loved in spite of going blind from sqinting at tiny blurry text on a SDTV) is a bit too…zombified for Game of the Year?

Who are (or will be) the other contenders?

I listened to the podcast last night, and it sounds promising. However, I did notice a tendency for both Gary and Colin to reiterate the same point several times. With the PCG podcast that happens a lot less because there seems to be more interplay going on between the various speakers. Also Jeremy needs to be encouraged to speak more! He interjects great points… about once every 20 mins.

But definitely very welcome here - I hope you guys stick with it long enough for it to create its own identity. PCG podcast was, until this, the only podcast I actually enjoyed listening to because of the way everyone plays off each other in witty and intelligent (well, mostly!) ways.

That was a good first episode. I would prefer a more business-oriented slant to the podcast, though, considering the website, and that would be a good way to differentiate NG from all the other podcasts out there. I didn’t really need to hear about Lego Star Wars again, for example, after hearing about it on and 1up. TGS would obviously provide excellent material for another episode, so I hope you follow up on it quickly. It would be nice to get insight and information from this podcast that other providers don’t offer.

We’re taking all the feedback onboard and I think you’ll see much of it incorporated into the podcast starting this week. Thanks!

Yeah, forgot to mention I listened to this when you plugged it. I enjoyed it, but agree that it needs to stand out a bit from the PC Gamer podcast. Still and yet, let me know when it goes live on iTunes (I’ll keep checking) so I can make sure to sub to it.

New podcast up today, with a special guest from Curmudgeon Gamer. Plus you can now subscribe via iTunes.

Guess my question was too insulting to answer. Sorry.

But, if it’s on Itunes I’ll definitly be subscribing.

I think it’s because the answer is fairly simple: there’s little to no relation.

Who is this guest speaker guy? What’s up with his condescending “Actually, the 2600 was the first console with a pack-in game.” First of all, it was blatantly obvious what the guy he was “correcting” meant when he said “The LAST console to have a pack-in was the SNES”.

Then he goes on to correct again that it was the Jaguar. And then corrects AGAIN that it wasn’t Tempest but some other game that was the pack in. Who gives a shit, and why is he sidetracking the Wii debate with such blatant “look at me I’m smarter than you” BS? Ugh.