Next Generation Online podcast

Are you going to have a different guest every week no matter what, or will you eventually settle on someone?

For right now I think the plan is to have rotating guests. We’re still feeling our way so who knows what we’ll eventually decide on?

Definitely keep all the British accents! Makes all your opinions sound much more authoritative to American ears…

I find having two british accents too disconcerting for my xenophobic sensiblities. I keep trying to remember if Gary’s voice is the flowery, optimistic one or the throaty, bedroom one.

Damn, now I’m wondering which one I am.

This week’s guest is Christian Svensson, VP at Capcom. Interesting chats about TGS, micro-transactions, next-gen hardware wars, etc. Check it out when it goes live later tonight.

Sweet, any Dead Rising talk? (I really should start playing that again given its the scream season upon us)

Yes, actually at one point the point is raised about micro-transactions in Dead Rising 2: you start the game with only one zombie but then populate the game by buying individual zombies at 5 cents each.

Just to get all what’s his face on you that would bring the total cost of this mythical game to about $2500 if you want the same number of zombies that you had in Dead Rising.

Isn’t that about what Gran Turismo HD will cost if you buy every piece of content?

Does my 5 cents get fat golf shirt guy Zombie or Sexy lady of the evening without no pants Zombie?? ;)

This week’s podcast is now live, FYI:

That is indeed a very nice podcast that you’re doing there. Getting people from publishers and developers on the show was a good idea, I hope you’ll continue that.

Agreed. Its quickly becoming my favorite game related podcast. Hearing developers argue in favor of the ps3 has soften my opinion of it.

This one has now replaced my PC Gamer podcast, it’s great. The perfect complement to the 1 Up Yours podcast.

Thanks. We’re lining up some pretty good high-profile guests for upcoming weeks.

As of this week the Next Generation Online podcast is no more. The good news is that it’s been replaced by an all-new, independently-owned and produced podcast called Game Theory. The first one went online today.

We’re being really well supported by our industry chums so far. This week’s inaugural guest is Phil Harrison, talking primarily about the European launch and first-party studios stuff, and next week we have Peter Moore.

We’re hoping that all the old Next Gen Online listeners will choose to come across and join us on the new podcasts. RSS and iTunes subs links are already up and running. Jump in!

Love all the accents. Love 'em.

The itunes game theory link fails. It list the episode but the download fail.

The iTunes link worked for me. It didn’t download the episodes automatically, but I clicked “get” and it got 'em.