Next Generation = Text Expectation

So here we are, with the first of the three major next-gen consoles arrived, all ready to bitch about how you can’t find one, or Live doesn’t work right, or there aren’t any compelling games, or how clueless MS when it comes to all things Eastern. Depending on how you think, DS and PSP are next generation handhelds and with them comes lovely threads full of the word nostalgia, gimmick, rehash and MOTS. Ah, life is good, innit?

But seriously, I was wondering what types of things you expect this upcoming generation to accomplish with the growth in power.

I think one thing that’s mayber a little understated is how Sony used the Emotion Engine hype to their advantage. If you ask me, its perfectly clear to this yellow boy that Sony knew that a large increase in graphic (and somewhat, with sound, especially sound storage) would result in more games with higher volumes of voice acting, much more impressive lighting, giving way to more unique ways of rendering (such as cel-shading, or the 3D sketched look used in games like Wild Arms 3 or Ape Escape 2) and overwhelmingly impact-full animation. These types of things are less the out-of-this-world special effect variety and have more to do with creating emotion, atmosphere or feeling. So they dubbed it the Emotion Engine, knowing that it wasn’t really any chip or exclusive technology persay that would deliver gamers more emotional experiences.

And of course, having played games like Ico, Katamari Damacy, Prince of Persia, MGS3, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill 2, Suikoden III, that happened. Despite all the problems storytelling in games still has, simply evoking a reaction or feeling is a much easier task and the feelings evoked this time around were perhaps when best elicited, more complex and emotional (if you were invested in the game in the first place, I don’t mean immersed, just interested in the action). For example, Killer 7: confusion, the need to cry, madness, understanding, anger, remorse, more madness, more confusion and ultimately, bemused befuddlement. :P I noticed that during the PlayStation era, game genres began to described less as functional descriptions of how the action is presented and more on feel, i.e. survival horror, stealth, extreme or rhythm. This was especially true in Japan and became even more pronounced with games labeled things like “Stylish Rhythm Action” or “Despair Inducing Drama” or “Comic Refreshing Action” or “Tactical Tension Strategy” and so on and so forth, in a million varieties.

So of course, this is one of the main things I expect to increase in this coming generation. What else?

-I want a mochi-creating simulator some time this generation. I may pout if I don’t get one. I also require one of the character selects to be a sumo who can use his bulk to squash the rice.

-Even though its not even out yet, I want a next generation sequel to the D3-published game Zombie vs. Ambulance, just because it seems to have so much more potential with the power that’s coming around the corner (ditto the alien research game from the same publisher too).

-I’d also like more child-rearing simulators along the lines of Merriment Carrying Caravan (see your five daughters into a successful business and new life), Princess Maker (nuff said) and Bokura no Kazoku (Our Family, manage a family through the years). It would also be pretty cool to have a pregnancy on both sides, with crazy style mini games for the expectant family (mostly built around satisfying crazy urges) and a kind of medical sim feel to the doctor said where you have to manage patients through their entire pregnancy, including making sure they don’t drink or smoke, and reporting if they do, and making sure the husband/boyfriend doesn’t faint in the operating room.

-I’ve really liked how gaming has slowly, but surely been moving away from the epic struggle against an antagonist borne out by fighting physically and I’d like to see more moves to deal with more psychological, every day real-life material.

-Also, I LOVE the Brain Training games (that’s RIGHT, GAME!), and though there are already tons of games coming in that genre this year, I want to see this new idea thrive. I used to love Capcom et al. old quiz games too in the arcade too (especially Quiz and Dragons, the D&D licensed quiz show game). But I don’t think I’m alone in this.

-I want to see the return of the psychological test games that I used to play with friends on the SFC to riotous applause. (The old games put you in situations and gave you multiple choices, or gave you quizes, had you perform things to find out things about your psychology and then a professor would analyze it to you and give the findings.) In the old days, they just static text and 2D images, but thinking of what you could do these days with the power we have with a game like that would both be fascinating and hysterical.

-I would love to see more first person shooter like games that don’t revolve around mastery of the mouse/keyboard type of dynamic. I realize its a highly competitive and tricky skill, much like the ones demanded in fighting games, which other people in turn “don’t get,” but after a long time of trying FPSes other than once-in-a-while, it isn’t for me and I don’t think I’ll ever be completely comfortable with it. A firemen FPS or maybe a caveman one or something else that uses more of a lock on scheme, that type of diversification would be welcome.

So, what are your hopes?


(P.S. If you ask where I’ve been, I’ll gouge out your eyes and feed it to be my little baby nephew.)

Can we just ignore you? That kind of secretive/defiant behavior isn’t endearing, especially since we all have new reasons to believe you’re a troll.

Tom thought you were dead.

I hope MMORPG’s add special ingame items for attending their shows! SHAZAAM! Also I would like

I suspected a game of kancho gone horribly wrong.

You want now? You want these spiffy new systems to create… firemen games? psychological tests? Brain Training games?

I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ll see none of that in the U.S. I don’t claim to know about the average game player in other lands, but here, they like things that explode. Really they do.

Hey, Kits, where you…oops, nevermind.

I don’t know what you are talking about. What’s mochi?

There are also a bunch of words in your post, which is confusing me. I think the question is what I want out of next gen games?

I want more turn-based RPGs. I get that the new graphics and processor power allow for cool action sequences and realtime battles. But I LIKE having time to think things out. I want RPGs like Nocturne or Shadow Hearts, that bring some edge to things but still feel old school. I want developers that understand that gameplay is more important than all those graphics bells and whistles, that ignore all the magazines (and people on boards like this one) who call them out for not having games that look twice as good as the last generation. Who cares? The games look great. Give me some gameplay to go with them.

I thought that was Snake Plissken.

HellGate: London seems to be exactly what you’re talking about. I haven’t heard anything about console support, though.

Kitsune! Where have you been?

Tom already knows what happened to me and I’m sorry but I’m not budging on telling anyone else. It is extremely personal. If you were worried, then I think I’m okay now, but I would appreciate it if people didn’t remind me of what happened over and over again by asking about where I was as I’m trying to move on from it.


are you shitting me? Hellgate has lock on controls? goddamnit.

That’s alright because…

…I finally got a new laptop!

trots off to play Civ IV


Nice to see ya back Kitsune, but telling everyone not to ask you is just a sure way to get basically everyone asking you.

I’m shocked, shocked to find that Kitsune wants quirky Japanese gimmick games from the next generation. SHOCKED. I’m also stunned that what it took me like 10 words to say took him the better part of a novella.

Rice cakes, basically.餅&hl=en&btnG=Search+Images

As you can see from the pics, they usually make it by beating the shit out of rice paste with hammers…which I suppose you can replace with Sumo wrestlers.

How’s the Japanese version of Civ IV, btw?


Where have you been?

So is this going to turn into a 50 page topic about zany stories about where Kitsune has been or what?

Kitsune was gone?