Next Gen's Top 25 People of the Year

Next Gen has posted it’s Top 25 People of the Year last night. It’s an interesting list that’s probably filled with too VPs, presidents, and CEOs.

I like their choice of the guy whose job it was to give journalists PS3s. He is awesome because he did it even though everyone was (is) pointing out that the PS3 sucks. Or maybe it was because he actually got the PS3s out to journalists, whereas being from Sony and therefore having Sony’s of-late level of acumen, it was entirely possible that he could have sent them all the empty plastic shells used for demo kiosks.

Nevertheless, be on the lookout for this guy in the future! He’s apparently going to be a big star player in the “mailing things to people” game.

That’s the worst of the lot, no question. It’s a big, “Thanks for our Xmas presents Santa!” Ugh.

Er, it’s a business trade publication. Of course it’s going to be filled with VPs, presidents, and CEOs.

Yeah, I get that. But they mixed in other folks as well, like Santa Claus above as well as Cliffy, Major Nelson, and the Penny Arcade guys.

Credit to GAF for pointing this out but:

  1. Larry Hryb
    Larry Hryb is better known by his Xbox Live gamertag Major Nelson. He is an authority on all things Xbox, communicating effectively with the core audience through blog and podcast. Neither PR mouthpiece nor corporate rebel, he has managed that trick of engaging consumers without compromising his position as an employee of Microsoft. For Hryb is also director of programming for the Xbox Live product team and for this he is also recognized here; as part of the team that has created one of the wonders of the gaming world. Five years ago Xbox Live would have seemed like science fiction. Now it’s an entertainment platform in its own right, and poised to deliver more.

Uh, he’s pretty much the definition of PR mouthpiece. Maybe he didn’t start that way (I can’t recall) but that is certainly the role that his blog plays now.

He’s PR. The interview he had with the EA cocksucker was proof of that. All he did was agree with the guy what a great idea it was to charge for cheats on Marketplace.