Next of Kin

Man, how we forget the gems of yesteryear. It was just 16 years ago that this awesome revenge/hillbilly flick came out, and of course we all remember the Swayze – mullet and all – was in it.

But did you remember that Ben Stiller played a bit part? That Helen Hunt was the fiddle playing love interest? That Liam Neeson – LIAM NEESON – played Swayze’s back woods brother? And, of course, other stars like Bill Paxton and Adam Baldwin.

Man, good times. Good times.

Part of the Holy Trinity:

Point Break
Next Of Kin

Neeson was also the scuzzy film director from Dirty Harry’s Dead Pool.

Let’s not forget Krull.

“Rebel scum.”


Point Break is so much better than those other two. That on-foot chase is still incredible.

The Double Deuce