Next Ten XBLA Titles Revealed

Nov 30 2007 Update! (via Brakara)

“Arkadian Warriors” (Sierra Online). Gamers can play as one of three heroic shape-shifting warriors embarking on a trek of epic proportions to release the Land of Arkadia from the evil Gorgon’s stony gaze. An original title on Xbox LIVE Arcade, “Arkadian Warriors” features treacherous dungeons where cooperative hack-and-slash role-playing action enhances a deep single-player storyline. The game includes a robust LIVE-enabled cooperative multiplayer mode for two players online or on the same console.

“Brain Challenge” (Gameloft). An entertaining brain training program, “Brain Challenge” boosts brain activity and helps players develop stress-management skills thanks to a wide variety of games. A personal coach helps players develop their abilities in several areas of cognitive function, including logic, math, memory and visual thinking, in a fun and entertaining way.

“GripShift®” (Sidhe Interactive). Through a mix of sky-high platforming and stunt driving, “GripShift” combines automotive and puzzle-solving skills across 120 challenge levels, 25 rubber-burning racetracks and 20 deadly Deathmatch arenas. Gamers can zoom to victory with four players over Xbox LIVE or race solo, all while enjoying a customizable music experience.

“N+” (Slick Entertainment and Metanet Software Inc.). Gamers can play as an acrobatic ninja in this addictive action-puzzle platformer. “N+” features inadvertently homicidal robots, stylish graphics, a level editor and intense multiplayer awesomeness.

“Omega Five” (Hudson Entertainment). “Omega Five” is a next-gen, high-definition shooter with awe-inspiring graphics. Gamers can fly through dangerous 3-D environments in this side-scroller and do battle with enemies that come at them from all sides, even the background. “Omega Five” comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade this winter.

“Poker Smash” (Void Star Creations). Players will experience a whole new puzzle game with a poker twist as “Poker Smash” delivers stunning visuals and radical features such as super-slow motion and card-blasting bombs. Gamers should get ready for a fast-paced innovative game with amazing HD graphics and a custom soundtrack that will blow them away!

“Rez HD” (Q Entertainment). The psychedelic, cult-classic shooter created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, “Rez HD” makes its way onto Xbox LIVE Arcade early next year. A frenetic, wire-frame adventure backed by industrial beats, the story of “Rez HD” takes players deep into the world’s computer network, where they must hack the system, alter the visual output and take over the music, creating their own rhythms and eye candy as they dig deeper into the cyberworld.

“Sensible World of Soccer” (Codemasters). The game that inspired a generation, “Sensible World of Soccer” lets players experience both the classic and modern HD version. With multiple play modes, they can play a quick game, start a career mode, manage a team or take part in their own Champions league.

Oct 29 2007 Update! (via Brakara)

N+ (Slick Entertainment and Metanet Software) - Play as an acrobatic ninja in this addictive action-puzzle platformer. N+ features inadvertently homicidal robots, stylish graphics, a level editor and intense multiplayer awesomeness.

Screwjumper! (THQ) - Players take the plunge in “Screwjumper!” and free-fall into the depths of the chaotic underworld as a Screwjumper, driving aliens back to their home world by destroying their precious mining equipment.

SHREK-N-ROLL (Activision) - Gamers join “Shrek®,” “Fiona,” “Donkey,” “Puss in Boots” and 20 other twisted fairy tale friends in this hilarious puzzle game designed for ogres of all ages.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam (Nickelodeon and THQ) - In this quick and fun game, players search the kitchen of the Krusty Krab, the Flying Dutchman’s ship and the Armoury of Atlantis for 99 pairs of underpants.

Switchball (Sierra Online) - Based on real-world physics, “Switchball” is an intricate puzzle game set in a stunning 3-D world where players control an ever-changing ball along a narrow, winding course suspended in midair.

Undertow (Chair Entertainment Group) - This fast-paced action-shooter sends gamers underwater as they battle up to 16 players for control of the oceans! Players race to upgrade their units as they engage in non-stop conquest-style battles through multiple levels of combat action with some of the most stunning graphics ever seen in an Xbox LIVE Arcade title.

Word Puzzle (InterServ International) - The classic pen-and-paper word search game is brought to a new level of excitement on Xbox LIVE Arcade, complete with combos, high-score achievements and the ability to compete against others online.


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Short version: 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures, Alien Hominid HD, Band of Bugs, Castlevania: SOTN, Settlers of Catan, Eets: Chowdown, LUXOR 2, Paperboy, Root Beer Tapper, Worms. Starting sometime in Feb, but order is unknown.

Looks like I’m going to need a big points refill…

Need dates! NEED DATES!

Catan is interesting. I never played it but I have some friends who were big fans, and they also happen to be on my friends list.

Seriously… Paper Boy?

How often do these get released? There are three must-haves on that list, at least.

Seriously…Root Beer Tapper?

Usually one a week, but they’re always cagey about release dates, and there’ll inevitably be another UNO deck or DLC for some other game some weeks, so they could stretch it out for three or four months.

Paperboy rocks. You know your job is tough when you gotta outrun Death on a two-speed.

Additionally, it’s a poignant metaphor for the plight of the Western working classes during the Cold War.

So what do we get tomorrow, since tomorrow’s still January?

edit: this is interesting… the 360’s first game with support for user-created content: (from the link)

“Band of Bugs” from NinjaBee is a fast-paced tactical strategy game that offers gameplay deep enough to satisfy tactical genre fans and friendly enough to appeal to casual gamers. Creative gamers can even design their own levels with the built-in level editor, then play them solo or over Xbox Live with friends.*

Still no Cyberball :(

Settlers of Catan will get my attention.

No love for Alien Hominid online or is everyone just waiting for Castle Crashers?

And 6 of the 10 were alreadr revealed a long time ago, wtf?

Just because its takes them so long to release 'em doesnt mean we forgot they have alreayd been announced 500 years ago, on stone tablets, in egypt. Slow ass fuckers.

I loved the art style for Alien Hominid but hated the game (on original Xbox) . Won’t buy it again.

Excited about Worms and Band of Bugs sounds promising…

But how about more retro PC gaming? Heroes of Might and Magic should be on XBLA. The original Prince of Persia and its sequel.

Basically look at GameTap and cherry pick some of the older/more beloved games and port those .

Who doesn’t love trying to dodge invisible bullets and jetbike stages?!?

Band of Bugs you say?

Reminds me of Battle Bugs. Check out my 1994 review of this cute little title in c.s.i.p.g.strategic :-D

Sad thing is I never actually finished it…

Looks sweet XD

Either way… Yeah. I want that Castle game… Castle Crashers?

Mm… Settlers of Catan…

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