Nexus 10 user accounts

I am interested in the ability of the Nexus 10 to have different user accounts; reading a couple of reviews though local accounts seem limited, but I may be misunderstanding.

If I got one, my user account would be linked to my gmail account but my kids would only have local user accounts.

Are they then able to access (through their local accounts) anything I have downloaded (including games) or can they only use the internet and the pre-installed apps?

Each of the user accounts is basically totally separate; they can’t use your apps (even if you want them to, which is somewhat annoying in that my girlfriend can’t play games I’ve bought unless she logs in as me).

The only thing they can do on your behalf is accept updated app permissions for apps you both have installed (since for apps that are installed by multiple users, there’s only one shared copy of the app on the device).

Also, there’s no such thing as “local system accounts.” All of them have to be tied to a Google Account.

Thanks that answers the question perfectly.

Regarding local accounts, I was working off this from CNET:

“Similar to Microsoft Surface, you can set up a local account rather than one that’s tied to an online Google Account.”

But as I say you have confirmed the important part. Cheers

Huh, I tried creating a test user to verify, and it said that the user would have to set up their account when they logged on. I guess they could set it up with a local account…