NFL 2011 Suicide League Week 6

I’m only going to post who is left after the blood bath of October 9.

Matt Perkins


Carolina at Atlanta
Philadelphia at Washington
St. Louis at Green Bay
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Buffalo at N.Y. Giants
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
San Francisco at Detroit
Cleveland at Oakland
Houston at Baltimore
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Dallas at New England
Minnesota at Chicago
Miami at N.Y. Jets

Please send picks to [email protected] by Friday noon PDT. Please only put one team in your email. If you want me to put your handle up when I post the picks, you need to put your handle in your email to me; I don’t remember them from week to week.

Picked. And by picked I mean, guessed randomly in a dark room.


By my count, there are at least three pretty nice picks on the board. If I get knocked out this week, I’ll live with it. :)

Most of you can’t take the trap game, GB vs STL, so there is that.

10/9/11, never forget.

We can’t what now…

Well, we can take the Rams.

Do it! You know you want to!

Let it be know I hate the Giants, and hope they do not win another game. I know they had Jesus take over and perform a miracle but still, it was the Seahawks at home. And not only do they lose, they allow them to keep up with the Niners to make it sting some more.

pick sent.

This one will require some thought. I find myself with a number of good teams left to pick…

Pick sent. I think it’s worth mentioning again that not only have I picked two teams with a losing record so far (Carolina and Arizona), but those teams have, at the moment, a grand total of two wins between them.

Some would say that means I haven’t wasted good teams in the early weeks. I would say that means I’ve just burned all my luck already.

Again sorry to be late. Unfortunately Matt Perkins is out because he chose the GB Packers and he had chosen them last week.

New York Jets

New Orleans

Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens

The link for the spreadsheet is here.

Ya know, I thought I had too. So I went and looked at the spreadsheet link I had. It said I hadn’t. So I picked them.

This is the link I had

The link for the spreadsheet is here.
I didn’t realize I did not have the right link, but I should also have paid more attention, my bad. What a silly way to go out.

Well, that’s … bizarre.

I’m not going to put up a huge fight for it, but I would not be against Matt having a random team picked for him this week (one he hasn’t already picked, of course) so he at least has a chance to survive.

That’s fine with me sluggo, but I would like everyone on the same page. Would players either post or PM me about the suggestion of giving Matt Perkins a random team? If I don’t hear from you, then I’ll assume yes.

I’m fine with it.

Let him stay.

Also, I love the look of this week’s picks. I mean, I would be surprised if any of us lost it (least surprised if the Steelers lost grumblegrumblegrumble), but at least it won’t be like last week.

Give him the random pick, fine with me.

I am fine with him getting a random pick.

OK Randomly determined, Matt gets the Bengals. Not bad :)