NFL 2011 Suicide League Week 6

I forgot to make a pick in week 3, so at least you attempted to!

Bengals, not shabby. You could have far worse random picks than a 6 point favorite. :)

Heck, I almost used them as my pick this week.

The games I really liked this week:

Atlanta (home, overdue for a breakout game)
Green Bay (pity the poor Rams and their brutal schedule)
Pittsburgh (I think they’re starting to right the ship)
Oakland (more of an anti-Cleveland pick)
Baltimore (due to the Houston injuries)

But there’s no game I liked this week more than the Jets over Miami. You’ve got a lame duck coach, a team that knows it, a backup QB who’s never been any good, Brandon Marshall threatening to get thrown out in the second quarter, and a team that’s just all around bad. Oh, and a seriously desperate Jets team trying to stay in the AFC East race.

You never know what’s going to happen in any game, you get a few turnovers or a 6-3 game, but it’s hard for me to see Miami pulling this one out.

Also, I worry that New Orleans / Tampa Bay is this week’s trap game.

And despite the Steelers’ best efforts, I’m still in for the next week.

I really hate the Giants now. Of course they win against a team with a better record and nearly local. Of course.

The Saints are trying to drive me crazy. Stop sucking!

4th and 2 at the 4 for the Saints, down 26-20. With 4 minutes left and 2 TOs, do they kick the FG or go for the first down/TD and the win?

Intercepted. Going to be a little hairy for the Saints now.

Aw poo! Good luck to those who survived.

Awww, you guys are sweet. Been a crazy week (long story) here and just didn’t make the connection on GB until Lorini pointed it out.

I didn’t even get a chance to check back this weekend, so I was pretty surprised to see you guys voted me back in and I randomly won. Way to love a guy!

Love? Let’s not get carried away here :) :)

Every person I crush on my path to eventual victory makes me look more prescient!


Like I said, easiest pick of the week. :)