NFL 2011 Suicide League Week 8

We lost Talisker last week to a non-existent Ravens offense.


New Orleans at St. Louis
Miami at N.Y. Giants
Arizona at Baltimore
Indianapolis at Tennessee
Minnesota at Carolina
Jacksonville at Houston
Detroit at Denver
Washington at Buffalo in Toronto
Cincinnati at Seattle
Cleveland at San Francisco
New England at Pittsburgh
Dallas at Philadelphia
San Diego at Kansas City

Now, I’ve already put Dolphins in for y’alls choices. You really don’t need to even email me. But just in case you actually believe the Giants can win an easy one, please email me at [email protected] by noon Friday.

*Not bitter, not bitter at all.


I knew I was making this pick weeks ago, but for a brief moment I considered changing, just because it’ll be boring if all four of us make the same pick this week.

Boring it is!

If you guys all pick the Giants, I swear I’m laughing the entire weekend. And posting about it too!!!

:) :)

Hey, you were the one telling us how the Chargers hadn’t won a home division game since 1996 (they won), and how the Seahawks couldn’t travel to the East coast and beat the Giants (they did).

So if you’re telling us the Giants are going to lose this week, I know who I’m picking! ;)

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe wherein the Eagles didn’t blow the game and lose to the 49ers in Week 4, I’d still be in this and would be agonizing over my scheduled pick for this week, which was to have been Baltimore over the Cardinals.

I think after that awful loss last night, the Ravens are going to come out looking for blood against the Cards this weekend.

I’ll just laugh at you. That is all. I’ll still like you and all, but I’ll laugh at you. You may not know this, but two years ago, Bill D won because 4 people picked the Bengals and he didn’t. The Bengals went to the Raiders and managed to lose to JaMarcus Russell (really hard to do) and so Bill won.

We shall see:).

Next year join and play Eliminator there. They play where you can keep going no matter what. I think I’m taking the Saints this week, but there are a number of other teams that I could take. They don’t play for an Amazon gift certificate as far as I know though. I don’t plan on doing it that way here, because as Bill D said, it wouldn’t be a Suicide league then, and I want to do something different anyway.

I did join SA years ago, but I forgot my password and the email associated with my account no longer exists (Adelphia).

There’s a pattern developing in my picks that is, so far, unintentional. Here’s hoping it works a third (or is it fourth?) time.

Anyone who picks those CHUMPS deserves to lose!

Where’s this week’s picks? I wanna see all the suckers who took the Giants this week who will be crying when I take home the big prize!

Matt Perkins did not submit a pick in time, so he is out.

Houston Texans

San Francisco 49’ers

New York Giants

Spreadsheet here. Looks like we’ll make it to Week 9 with all of you guys picking a different team. They couldn’t all lose, could they??

After we saved you last week, Matt? Come on. :P

The inadvertent strategy I alluded to earlier is “Pick against the Jaguars”.

Look how well that worked last week!

Yeah. Fortunately I dislike the Ravens enough to want to avoid picking them as long as possible, which probably saved me. >.>

It’s an awesome strategy.

Brandon Marshall guaranteed a win this week on Twitter, so we can go ahead and eliminate sluggo now.

Oh, I thought I had until the games started on Sunday.

No worries. I appreciated the help before, but I probably wouldn’t keep it up all season long. Lost my job, interviewing, etc, not really focused on this. :)

Would have picked Cinci.

Nope, that’s the pick’em game :)