NFL 2019

Does the SF market include the Bay Area or just SF, the city? SF the city isn’t very big.

I would think to be fair, they should report using the same metric the NFL does when they black out games.

The Jags’ owner just announced that the Jags will play consecutive London games next season. So Jags fans lose two home games next year. The writing is on the wall.

Also, it sucks to be a Jags player. The current strategy for most NFL teams now is to get-in and out of London as fast as possible, to avoid jet lag. But if you have to stay there for two weeks, you’re going to recover from your jet lag, and then suffer jet lag again when you get back to the US.

According to ESPN, a London game generates twice the revenue for the Jags as a home game.

Wow. If the Brits are willing to pay that much for shitty football, imagine what they’d pay for a real team.

If they are playing consecutive games, won’t they just stay for the week between?

You’re going to be there at least 8-9 days. That’s still long enough to reset your body clock.

Oh true, they’d have the jet lag coming back to the US.

Yup. You basically get two cases of jet lag. One case going to London. And then getting back.

I don’t find jet lag from a 5 hour time difference is too bad.

8 hours on the other hand is a killer. I guess it varies from person to person.

I mean, what if they became the London Jaguars. Sorry, I mean the London Jag-u-ares.

The Jags and Panthers came into the league at the same time so I feel like they are our true sister-kitty team. However, that was 1995. If you can’t get a fan base excited in 25 years, that’s on the ownership and management of the team.

EDIT: excited, not exited. Thanks Mr. Horde.

Well, it does look like the fan base will get NFLexit.

I’ll always argue that Jacksonville expansion was a mistake from the beginning. There’s a reason it shocked everyone when they got a team instead of Los Angeles.

Oops! Well there ya go, I think that was my subconscious filling in the obvious blanks.

This is where I settled in on the Chiefs’ victory. Their Defense really showed up at a clutch period in the game. That, combined with Shanahan trying to use the passing game to take advantage of matchup issues rather than trying to out-muscle the Chiefs, forcing the running game against a stacked box. I think all that really decided this one.

I don’t criticize Shanahan for that, it just didn’t work. Ultimately, in my opinion, the Chiefs won because their D really showed up in the second half. Reid and Spagnola really got it done.

I mean, they really weren’t threatening Jimmy G at all for most of the game, and then all of a sudden there on those last two drives they got the sack on the 4th down and were forcing him to hurry in the pocket and hitting him. (And one of those hits may have been flag worthy, btw, but I can understand an official keeping it in his pocket, too.)

Also 2 (maybe 3?) batted passes to open receivers (Kittle?) that would’ve been firsts.

Well, that and Jimmy G overthrowing a wide open Sanders.

But they are really lousy if you actually want to watch the game and listen to the commentators.

I’ve been to one in my life, and then swore them off.

I’m weird, I like to watch the Super Bowl to watch the Super Bowl…

That hit was certainly hard, but the defender did avoid coming down on JG, so I’m not surprised it didn’t get called.

I also saw a blow to the head that a SF defender put on Mahomes earlier in the game that they didn’t call. In fact, they called very few penalties in the entire game, which is one reason people focus on the OPI call–which I do maintain was a good call.

It looked very much like crown of the defender’s helmet to Jimmy G’s head.