NFL 2019

I can’t say I noticed that part.

I didn’t either until I watched the video of Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Joe Montana watching the Super Bowl and all three of them called it out when the hit happened. Went back and looked and sure enough…it’s a 50/50 thing. I’ve seen hits like that both called and not called in seemingly equal measure since that rule went in.

Honestly, probably for the best it wasn’t in that situation.

There was definitely helmet to helmet on that play. I was surprised they didn’t call it because they always seem to call that sort of thing but oh well. There seemed to be a pretty blatant offsides on the Chiefs that wasn’t called and I thought the Kittle OPI was pretty touchy as there are plenty of times they don’t call that. With that said it was more than bad officiating that cost them the game. The defense seemed to really struggle this season and I don’t know why. Conservative play calling? Lack of depth? Lack of conditioning? Teams being aggressive in the passing game and exposing the secondary? Probably a little of both but it was defintely a thing this season.



But still funny.

Brady is 42. He looked ok but not great last season. If a team needs a QB and he’s willing to sign, ok maybe. I don’t see a team giving up a good young QB to sign a 42 year old, though. This, if anything, is just the Cowboys floating rumors to try to get Dak’s price down a bit.

I could see Brady retiring if the right opportunity isn’t there. He doesn’t want to play for a mediocre or bad team. If the Patriots don’t want to pay him top dollar, where does he go? What team without a QB is ready to make a playoff run if they sign Brady?

Maybe the Chargers if they decide they need to move on from Rivers? They will be playing in the new stadium, the NFL’s new Taj Mahal in LA. They have a decent team. It’s not like Rivers was mobile so Brady won’t be much different. He’d sell some tickets.

Rivers is already gone. His family has moved. He will not be the Chargers QB next year. That doesn’t mean that Brady is going to LA.

No, but I think he’d like to go to a big market team. I think he’d like being in the LA area. And god knows the Chargers need a lot of help drawing fans in LA.

I’m not sure the Chargers could build a fan base in LA if they had gunmen on the nearby streets forcing people into the stadium.

I was watching some ESPN talking heads last week when the story about Jacksonville playing two games in London next season came up. One of them joked that eventually the Jaguars would be based in London, but someone else said that is a team were to end up in London it would probably be the Chargers.

So you put a team in London do you put another team in the UK? If you don’t, eight teams need to play a game in London – unless they do something weird like play a couple of home games in North America. Maybe they play two in Mexico and six in London.

Brady is arrogant as can be if he doesn’t think some of that anemic offense doesn’t fall on his shoulders.

Why would a team with any kind of QB take the risk of fundamentally blowing up their team with a 42 year old QB who showed a decisive inability to move the ball this year? I get thinking you have everything but the “final piece,” but why is Brady the final piece and not just a mediocre over the hill guy?

I mean, how long does this GOAT status shield him from taking some heat and the realization that it might not just be everyone around him on offense, it might be the 42 year old guy leading the offense?

Dallas doesn’t have the Denver Broncos defense - they can’t win by having someone who basically just doesn’t turn the ball over and throws five yard check downs. And they weren’t 10-6 and losing in the Wild Card round, and just a QB away from getting over the hump. Brady’s gonna have to generate some real offense if he’s there, and I don’t know that he can do it anymore.

OK boomer.

Don’t underestimate the short-sightedness of team owners looking to sell season tickets to an otherwise tepid fan base.

As an Eagles fan, I fully support Tom Brady going to Dallas.

I could easily envision a random NFL team thinking “we have everything we need but just need a QB to put us over the top… Let’s sign Brady! “ Not saying it’s a rational thought, but I suspect many teams can delude themselves this way.

This is ridiculous. We’re not talking about Vinny Testaverde here. It’s Tom fucking Brady. He can still win games.

I dunno. You look at the quality of the skill players on that offense and what do you have after Edelman? Not much.

Just because he is Tom Brady doesn’t mean he won’t degrade over time, possibly very quickly. Look at Peyton Manning, he was amazing in 2013, still pretty good in 2014, and then awful in 2015.