NFL 2019

That kind of my point. There are penalties on every pass play (really every play if you talk about line holding). Why are they going to choose one play over another to review? The play that initiated this thing wasn’t a problem due to refs not seeing the play. Mind mindbogglingly, they just didn’t call it.

So now the problem is just going to be why they chose to review one obvious interference play over another and where the line for ‘obvious’ is. Or they’ll have to review them all which will bring the game to a halt in the last 2 minutes.

I don’t expect them to actually follow the rule because I don’t expect them to actually review every pass play. But that’s what the rule calls for (as I understand what it is).

Get rid of replay review entirely. In all sports. It’s the absolute worst.

I disagree. I’m all for getting the call right, but there should be a time limit on the review.

“Let them play” is one of the absolute worst axioms in the NFL, imho. It needs to be “Let them play the same game, following the same rules.”

Bears trade Jordan Howard to the Eagles for a 2020 6th round pick.

I hate the Rams, but this is pretty epic by Sean McVay:

Also hate the Rams, but that is one evil genius prank. Good grief. Dude’s whole life probably flashed before his eyes.

Russell Wilson told the Seahawks he wants a new contract in place before April 15… which coincidentally is the first day when off-season activities begin for Seattle. He wants that Kirk Cousins money!!

I thought this was a pretty interesting behind-the-scenes look at Green Bay and the tensions between McCarthy and Rodgers.

It’s a tough call. He deserves the money, but the Seahawks established of model of winning the Super Bowl with an inexpensive QB on a rookie budget. But finding elite QBs in the draft is a crap-shoot; and Wilson is arguably a Top 3 QB in the game.

Damn, what idiots scheduled the first night of the NFL draft and the premiere of Avengers: Endgame the same night?

ESPN reported today that with Nick Bosa expecting to be drafted by the 49ers he is quickly deleting old tweets that demonstrate what a douche bag he is.

If I were an agent, I would do everything in my power to scrub the absolute bejeezus out of any incoming client’s social media.

Or, really, if I were any adult in an advisory capacity to a young adult embarking on a professional career of any kind. It’s real easy to avoid stepping in any landmines if you don’t go prancing through No Man’s Land in the first place.

Well, if they are reporting it I bet they saw some of them and screen capped them.

One reason Magic Johnson gave for quitting his position with the LA Lakers was that he had to give up tweeting because the league kept fining him for things he would tweet about.

Yup, I don’t remember exactly what they showed but there was a combination of racist and stupid mixed in with Trump love.

The draft is best observed with time shifting.

Yep, that’s the plan…

Lies. The draft is best observed in recap articles and reaction podcasts the next day(s).

Absolutely – that’s when the experts determine who won and lost! :)

I think draft coverage is 95% bullshit, as nobody really knows how any of these prospects will turn out. It’s interesting if your team has a top-10 pick and you need a quarterback, as that’s such an incredibly high-stakes call. Other than that, though, the media coverage is just guesswork.