NFL 2021

So many offseason storylines descend upon us, as birds in the film:

JJ Vaxx Approved, Requests Not to be Deployed To Houston

The QB carousel spins round and round, and where she lands nobody knows!

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21 NFL Teams To Start New Quarterbacks In 2021, Vikings Somehow Guarantee Cousins More Money To Burgle Turds

Congrats Male Gwynyth Pyltryw and storied NFC Central doormats Tampa Bay!

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Fuck You Belichick, You’re Just An Redass Curmudgeon Who’s Better At Cheating Than The Other Guy!

Posting a mock draft should be a capital offense.

Happy 2021 season, y’all!

JJ Watt signs with the Cardinals:

They should have a nice pass rush.

Dolphins release Kyle Van Noy.

Strange move, big money signing last off-season.

I was not happy with his play the first few games but he made an impact as the season went on…

@ChiTownBluesFan hearing anything on a possible Wilson trade?

I had the TV on during lunch and they were talking about Prescott 4-year, 140 million I think? Personally I think he’s not worth that, but /shrug.

It seems like with the combine canceled taking away a lot of the normal story ideas for March, writers are just puking out an unbelievable stream of crazy QB trade rumor stories. I can’t imagine any possible scenario where the Bears could trade for Wilson without Seattle’s front office stroking out or something. Beyond just no sane team is trading away an elite QB when they are a playoff caliber team, the Bears have the 20th pick this year and if they had Wilson next year they would be late first round again so they couldn’t even put together a decent package were Wilson actually on the block.

No more than you, I’m guessing. I’m not sure how possible it is, given the amount of cap money Seattle would have to eat for this year. Plus, most scenarios have the Bears sending Mack to Seattle. The whole reason people think the Bears are a playoff threat now (with a decent QB) is because of their defense. And crippling your defense to get an older QB doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If it were Watson - he’s young enough maybe you roll the dice and hope you can find/draft another dominant OLB. But with Pace and Nagy in a ‘prove it or you’re done’ season - don’t see it happening either.

I’m a Bears fan. I’m pretty much expecting Foles will be the starting QB opening day.

The cap dead money is trivial on Seattle’s end, despite what many media outlets would have you believe. I agree on the Mack part, though. I think Seattle would probably want Mack and Jaylon Johnson on top of multiple firsts. That’s the one thing I don’t get is how they would maintain defensive dominance while doing that.

@Lantz that’s not what is happening here. Wilson and/or his agent are talking to the media. A lot.

Rob Stanton points out that moving Wilson would give the Seahawks a ridiculous amount of cap space next year, to the tune of $178 million! They could easily restructure a bunch of contracts from this year to free up a lot more space.

The problem for the Bears is that they do not have any draft picks worth having, and the NFL only lets you trade draft picks up to three years in advance.

Any kind of trade would seriously need at least three first round picks (and not low first round, but Top 10), as well as a young and proven superstar. Like the Saints would need to cough up someone like Kamara. The Bears, maybe Mack?

How is that possible? The salary cap is about 180 million or so, no way they free up all of it by trading a single player.

Spotrac has the cap at $209 million next year

Seahawks currently have two big cap hits on the 2022 books, Russell and Bobby Wagner, and Russell’s cap hit is almost double that that of Bobbys.

Staton, but yes, exactly.

Because they don’t have a ton of players under contract for next year. There’s also every chance Bobby isn’t with the team much longer…but you already know that @Woolen_Horde 😄

His one year salary is $37M with a $26M dead cap hit($13M if June 1 designated, not sure how trades work for dead cap hit). I don’t see this “Wilson would give the Seahawks a ridiculous amount of cap space next year, to the tune of $178 million!” unless you mean more years than just next year, which is also weird because he’s only signed thru 2023. I don’t know, I’m probably wrong as NFL contracts are strange, but I just don’t seen $178M next year that this Stanton guy claims (no idea who he is).

He may live in England, but he is one of the best draft analysts out there. This past draft he finished second overall in terms of accuracy. He also writes the Seahawks Draft Blog.

I think I figured it out. As @Misguided wrote, there’s not much on contract right now in Seattle. $87M per that site, so if they trade Wilson, that’s probably around $60 or so in contracts signed. With the weird rules regarding the adjustments to the salary cap, Seattle’s has a total of $233M available, so he probably subtracted $50M from $233M, did the additional adjustments per the cap rules, and came up with around $178M.

But right now, as is, Seattle has a ton of room at $146M, so why not go all-in on Wilson?

Because he’s unhappy with the coach, and his contract can’t be extended for another year or two at least.

Plus, Seattle has a pretty dire cap situation and few draft picks this season, which is making things more difficult.

Paul Allen probably wouldn’t have let this situation grow like this, but the problem is Paul Allen is dead and his sister owns the team, and it sounds like she’s totally hands-off. It’s an ugly situation for Seahawks fans.

What Woolen said. The cap situation Itself isn’t that dire, but the lack of room combined with the lack of draft capital to acquire cheap talent is a problem, which is why eating still more from trading Wilson could work (because you’d be getting draft capital in return).

But Wilson and Carroll seems to be at odds and the coach isn’t going anywhere. It’s a shame Carroll was extended, tbh. Pete is a good guy, but he hasn’t been able to keep the defense going. I really think the loss of Paul Allen holding Pete accountable is a problem.

At this point you almost wish Bezos buys the damn team.

It’s also not helping that Russel’s last contract extension put a no-trade clause in it, which means that he basically has to agree to any trades. The team can’t ship him off without his consent. And then he lists out 4-5 teams he would be willing to go to, and the problem there is Dallas just resigned Dak for $140 million, and there’s basically two teams left. The Saints (haahahahahahahaha) and the Bears. And as the Saints are ridiculously beyond the cap, that leaves the Bears.

If Russ wants to go, he needs to add some teams to his list to make the bidding war worthwhile for the Seahawks.

That could happen if he really wants out. I think the no trade clause is way down the list of issues

Unsurprisingly, Drew Brees retires…