NFL 2023

Technically, the League Year begins on March 16, but we may as well start this thread now as the Combine is wrapping up.

And our first bit of news

NFC North predictions:

GB 11-6, Divisional Round loss - Rodgers returns but even with Adams can’t get past just being the best team in a bad division.

CHI 10-7, WC loss - Fields flashes, roster just isn’t there yet

DET 7-10 - Man Campbell looks like a real NFL coach. Too bad about the roster.

MIN 6-11 - Cousins plays the year out on his current contract with its 45m cap hit. Ain’t no new coach gonna unfuck that chicken. Jefferson gets a pity MVP vote. Turds throughout the upper Midwest are burgled at a frankly alarming rate.

God I can’t wait for the day when Karen Rodgers retires.

He needs a good Theismmanizing. Long have I prayed.

I’m going to out on a limb and say the Lions hit at least .500. Yeah, I’m sure my optimism won’t be punished.

I’d love to see it happen, but they have limited draft capital and nowhere near the cap space to make up for it. The roster is old and full of holes.

I have a feeling that the Bears will leave the off-season with an improved offense that they hope to build around and a worse defense for 500ish roster that is hopefully at least more fun to watch.

If they can get an average or better offensive line and some legit offensive weapons so they can grow and evaluate Fields while setting up for a defensive rebuild the following year I think that would be a successful off-season.

Or Mack could spend the off-season in Quinn’s boxing program and they could rip Rodgers in half. That would work too.

I’m such a moron that I sat here trying to figure out how you lose $10 million if the bet was $1500 but finally I got it.

So how does the salary cap work in this situation? Do the Falcons suddenly have $10 million more to play with this season?

I’m such a moron I’m still sitting here without an answer. :( Help a brother out.

By getting suspended for the year for gambling $1,500, Ridley is no longer receiving his $11.1 million salary for the year.

heh, that’s… so sad. I struggle to wrap my mind around athlete salaries. I guess the athletes do too. I wonder if he realized how much was riding on his bet when he placed it.

And thanks for explaining @Woolen_Horde!

This would be a fantastic time for his performance to fall off a cliff.

So I assume GB loses Adams, given he is unrestricted and will want more than $60 mil. Even so, if they have a decent receiving corp (I think they need another speed guy for a deep threat) in their division 11/6 or 12/5 is definitely doable. I don’t see the Lions or the Bears breaking 6 wins, and who knows with the Vikings? I think 10-7 is the absolute best they can hope for, more likely 9-8.

They will 100% franchise tag Adams.

Yeah, from what I’ve heard that was one of Rodgers’ demands.

Man, I’m so pissed if I’m Adams and I’m getting franchise tagged instead of a ton more guaranteed money so that Karen can buy another island.