NFL 2023

Unless Hurts is hurt, Pickett won’t have that chance in Philly. It’s fascinating to see these former top picks so quickly transition to QB2. And barring some catastrophe to their QB1 – that’s it. That’s their career.

I thought Mayfield was destined for a QB2 role but he clearly made the best of his prove-it deal last year with TB. Garrapalo is now a QB2, right? And Wentz? He’s not even QB2 anymore. I guess he’s back in North Dakota, from Wentz he came.

I think in the NFL the teams begin to see patterns with a lot of these quarterbacks. The guy flushes out of the pocket too quick. The guy doesn’t see the field well. The guy takes too long to go through his progressions.The guy holds on to the ball too long. The guy checkdowns too often.

I think a lot of these things are considered to be difficult to fix.So many teams will choose to move on.

Sometimes I think it’s just the bad luck of trying to learn the pro game while you’re on a terrible team.

Hilariously, this is the second time Fields has replaced Tribusky.

I think there’s definitely something to that. But I also suspect some of these teams are looking around and realizing that if it’s not working there’s no reason to spend another two years trying to make it work. Especially when the problems you see are stuff like you describe.

Plus there’s a degree to which it’s contingent. Do the Bears move on from Fields if they aren’t sitting on the number one pick from Carolina? Do the Steelers move on from Pickett if Russ wasn’t available for a song and a dance?

Almost 2/3 of the 150 players The Athletic had on their list of top free agents are now signed. Yet, some teams still have a ton of cap space. The Commanders, Patriots, and Titans all have at least $50m in cap space. The Chargers, Lions, Eagles, Bears, Bengals and Raiders have at least around $30m. Given that teams are required to be pretty close to the cap in spending, it will be interesting to see how these teams get there.

Isn’t it the case that unused cap can be rolled over from year to year? I believe there’s a salary floor, of course, but I think it’s not binding for a single year (it’s something like 90% of the cap over a four year period).

Yeah, teams can roll over cap space but it does get complicated with the salary floor which is based on actual cash paid out in the window vs the cap which is based on average annual value of contracts.

I liked the Ringer’s article about what the heck happened with the Fields trade.

It is baffling. To see guys like Darnold, Ridder, Jameis Winston etc get picked up before him. There was legitimate buzz around the guy early post season, assumption was he would go for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

He was also playing better as the season went along too, and his physical gifts as a player are something that you can’t train. Decision-making, ball security issues, sack avoidance, these are all things you can train a player.

I wonder how much of it just was teams not wanting a QB like Fields to build around and develop, and would rather go with a Darnold to just coast for a year until the next draft? If you are going to have Fields, you have to build around a QB centric run game. I don’t see a lot of organizations that like this, because of how risky that proposition is. If that QB, who is a running threat, gets hurt? You better have a backup that can play the same way. Or in Philly’s case, if he is playing injured, he doesn’t have the speed he once did, and your gameplan is broken.

I guess Poles said they wanted to do right by Justin and get his 2024 season settled sooner rather than later.

I think the Steelers really lucked out here though, they got 2 QB’s on 1 year deals (essentially) that they can trial, and both players are clear upgrades over last year. If one of the 2 ends up being good, they got their guy they can sign, if neither are good, they are free next offseason. If both are good, they got trade capital in Fields at least, or even Russ if there is a desperate win now team with and injured QB. They are only in a 6th rounder at best, or 4th rounder if Fields ends up playing a lot. Pretty great deal.

Birds will start the season with space and add as the season goes along. They did that in the Super Bowl seasons and last year (to a lesser degree) as well.

The rules change on every CBA, but the current rule is that teams must average 89% over the life of the CBA. Nothing “rolls over,” though. Since you can only max spend to 100%, they can’t really afford to go much under the 89% unless they are sure they can offset that with later spending. We do have a few years left on this CBA to make up for it, though.

I’ve seen both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ stated about rolling over cap space. My main source for ‘yes’ is this, from Sept 2023:

The 49ers have more than $40 million in salary cap space available this season, by far the most of any team in the NFL. But General Manager John Lynch says that money won’t be spent this year.

Lynch said the 49ers’ primary plan with their cap space is to roll it forward to next year. Teams can add unspent cap space in one year to the next year’s cap.

“Really, we always look at the cap for three years out,” Lynch told

You are right on that. Looking at Spotrac’s figures I see three teams, including the 49ers, who are over the $255m “cap” figure and still have room to play, so obviously that is how they are doing it. They are going to have to plan for next year not having that space, obviously.

Adam Schefter is sayig that he has heard from NFL execs that, if Fields ouplays Wilson in training camp, the Steelers will move on from Wilson.

Why wouldn’t they? It’s not like they are financially tied to Wilson.

I mean, we are at the point pre-draft where literally no team is going to be telling the truth about anything whatsoever. This is all smokescreen for the draft. This could just be the Steelers looking at

I think that the Steelers are obviously going to give Fields a look, and if he does outplay Wilson, he will get to start. Wilson costs them nothing to move on from, and Fields is young, and if they see potential in building up his skills around his already bonafide physical abilities, he is 24, Wilson is 35. No brainer.

This is also something that Wilson shouldn’t be surprised about, this is a “prove it” year for him, to get his likely last long term deal at 35. He has 3-4 years left of good QB play (if he is lucky).

Fields or Wilson are upgrades from last year. The Steelers made the playoffs with those guys. I can see them trying to build other parts of the team with the draft now.

Remember when they said they were happy about their QB room?

Maybe they just really like the work their interior decorator has done?

The owners just approved some pretty dramatic changes to how kickoffs work. There are multiple articles out there about it so I won’t bother with a link.

Okay, so “we’ve designed this so every kick should result in the ball going out the back of the endzone OR the ball should be fair-caught, but then we outlawed the fair catch.”