NFL 2023

Texas is really loading up, and I have to wonder about the Bills, they are shedding players.

They had to. The salary cap bill was due. Those choke jobs in the playoffs killed their window.

It’s a good draft for WRs. Buffalo is probably hoping they get lucky and get a good one.

That AFC East should be interesting. The Bills may be taking a step back, the Dolphins are contendors, the Jets will have Rogers, and New England, well, they may have a new QB.

Yeah, I wonder if that have some draft related trades yet.

Brandon Aiyuk was someone floated as a potential pick up for Buffalo. I can’t imagine him as being a downgrade from Diggs.

Otherwise it was pretty clear he didn’t want to be there, and they were interested in getting at least something for him (along with 2 late round picks), which is a 2nd rounder next year. Could be a lot worse.

This doesn’t strike me as a cap move; they take a $31 million dead cap charge by trading him. They do save some on the cap in 2025+ of course but if they wanted to keep him and manage their cap there is always a way to do that.

Seems much more likely that this is about projecting Diggs’ performance more than anything else. He’ll be 31 in November and he really faded down the stretch this past season. Nobody can say for sure why that happened: was it the new OC’s scheme de-emphasizing him? Was it some injury? Is he just getting old suddenly? Seems like the Bills think it’s the latter. And that’s not to mention the fact that he’s had some high profile issues with management, it seems.

I wasn’t referring to Diggs. But the Bills did need to shed a bunch of players, like Mark was saying

I don’t think you are entirely wrong, but let’s be fair, the offensive coordinators haven’t even been able to use Tyler Lockett to his potential, or Noah Fant, or any other player on the offense.

Early last season, I wanted to trade him, but I do feel like his play and maturity were better in the second half of the season. Let’s see what the new staff can do.

As for needs on the roster, many of those have been addressed. But they aren’t going anywhere until they have a better qb or the defense takes a massive step forward.

It’s the great Ryan Grubb experiment. But considering what Grubb did at UW, then you gotta see the appeal. And his offense did rely on a trio of WR who are all getting drafted early. DK is closest in comparison to Odunze, who is likely a Top 10 pick.

DK could very well be the key to unlocking what Grubb wants to do. Especially as defenses always task two guys on him.

I think of it as more of “patched” than addressed, fwiw. Like: they added some linebackers, but both guys are on one year deals. Same (I think) with the safety.

As it happens, Robert Mays spent an hour talking about this subject with Mina Kimes, and DK was one of the examples they brought up. As the top of the receiver market moves north of $30mm APY, the question is whether or not second-tier guys like DK move with them? Or does a “middle class” emerge?

And yeah, the fan in me is excited to see what Grubb does with DK. I’m a natural pessimists so I just assume the Seahawks will be a mess, but at least they’re going to be different and that’s exciting.

I’m not sure what the Texans thinking is here, but they reportedly have voided the last three years of Diggs’ contract and moved all the guaranteed money to this coming season. So, they traded their 2nd next year (more or less) for one year of Diggs (at about $22.5m) before he becomes a free agent. That seems like a lot to give up for one season.

They seem to feel like they have a legit shot to take it all this season and are going all in.

Well, there are a ton of good WR free agents for 2025. I’m sure many will get locked up in contracts before then, but there will probably be some good ones available. Here’s the list:

So you think the wide receiver adjustment is about to begin? I don’t deny thats a possibility, but its not like Diggs was locked in at any huge number. His 25-27 numbers were all below $20m/yr. If he’s productive, he’s probably worth that, even in a readjustment scenario. If he’s not, then they could cut him easily enough since none of it was guaranteed.

It just seems like they gave away a lot of leverage and options they had by doing this re-work.

It does and I do wonder why? It could be Diggs wanted it and made it known before the trade happened. It’s a gamble for both. If Diggs tears an ACL his FA value plummets, and if he has an All Pro season Texas might end up paying even more.

I think the key factor is Diggs is 31.

Packers and Eagles get the Brazil/Brasil game.

Isn’t Tom Brady’s ex from Brasil? Maybe she’ll attend.

The Kelces visited UC to do their podcast (and, I assume, raise money). The university held the graduation ceremony neither had at the time