NFL 2023

Let Zach Cook

Calling this a “trade” is generous. Like yes technically it’s a trade, but the terms are such that it’s mostly the Jets paying to get Wilson out of the building.

The teams swapped the Broncos 6th (203) for Denver’s 7th (256) and the Jets are picking up a (as yet unknown) portion of Wilson’s 2024 salary of $5.5 million.

After a season of Zach it might be “Let’s Cook Zach.”

Lots of cougars in Colorado.

Yeah. Seems like a hedge, similar to Seahawks and Howell

So it’s sounding like there’s a real possibility that the league will force the Falcons and Vikings to swap first round picks as punishment for the Falcons’ tampering with Kirk Cousins. Which would mean that the Vikings get #8 and the Falcons get #11. It doesn’t sound like a huge move, but it makes it a tad bit easier for the Vikings to trade up higher. Or they may be content to stick and pick at #8.

I think what you are saying here is incorrect. The league usually takes picks away from clubs, and it would be for next year. Taking away picks this year, so close to the draft, would be unheard of. The eagles and cardinals agreed to a swap before the draft last year to AVOID punishment by the league, not because the league forced them to.

If they did swap, it might make it more likely for someone like the cardinals to trade down while remaining in the top 10. Hell, it’s possible they could take the first defensive player of the draft at 8!

Where are my fellow sickos at?

2nd time I’m watching the NFL Draft. Did I tune in too early? When does the first pick get made? An hour from now?

The commissioner will announce that Chicago is on the clock, and we’re on. Thursday is the first round only, so there’s 10 minutes between picks.

I was expecting a lot of boos for Goodell, then I realized this isn’t the NHL… ;)

So that took about 8 minutes, not bad. Chicago on the clock.

Good luck everyone. :). Hope springs eternal.

When does the 2024 thread start?

And it’s official. Williams to the Bears #1. Now to wait for #9.

Good question, and no cheating this year! We got robbed of our 2022 thread last year.

Seems like the draft should start a new season thread.

Chargers with a surprise. Everyone thought they’d trade down or get a receiver for Herbert.

New thread here:

I don’t know if anyone here is paying attention to the UFL but there is a kid playing for the Michigan Panthers who is pretty much guaranteed an NFL job once the league season is over. That kid would be their kicker Jake Bates. He has nailed multiple 60 plus yd FGs this season, including a 64 yarder, and has several over 50 yds. In his last game he hit 5 FGs, including the game winner and he is currently the points leader in the UFL. I know the Lions are interested, although right now NFL teams are restricted from contacting him. I guessing once the UFL is done for the season his phone will be blowing up.