NFL 2k5 err 2k6 Tournament?

With my ban on madden this year I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to start another qt3 season

Yeah, I’d play. Did they update the rosters I wonder?


You know, I think they did. I went on line and there was an update on march of 2005

I’m in. Unsurprisingly, I want the Ravens.

I hope they got a roster update in. It’d be pretty cool to play them with an actual wide receiver on the outside.

Well I guess I’m out :P

Well I should take a good team, but I think I will be taking the titans. or the NFL SUPERSTAR TEAM

The Patriots? :D

I’m in… I’ll take a few different teams. I’d play as the Eagles, the Steelers or my current favorite, the Bucs. Let me know.

I’ll be in as the Eagles if I may, but I’ll have to… buy the game first.

Edit: and someone will have to tell me how to play, because I don’t really play sports sims.

Its 7.99 used at gamestop and EB if anyone was gonna pick it up.

Ok, I’ll pick it up then. If someone tells me how to play.

So, should I go ahead and create a league? Or is someone else planning on it?

Lol I was just going to type the same thing.

Matt if you want go ahead. I’m not near an xbox at the moment anyway.

I won’t be near one until tonight.

I don’t need to run it by any means, I just want to play in it. :)

Ok, just picked up the game, so I’m definitely in. I’m also interested in some pre-season scrimmages, if I have some takers (other than Shieldwolf, whose PM I already got and replied to).

What platform are you guys playing on, or do they interoperate?


Gerry wants the Dolphins
I will take either the Titans or Patriots (because I know the titans really) suck

Guess what. I totally suck at this game. I keep wishing it was NFL Blitz, or that they at least co-opted Blitz’s control scheme.


watch the videos and play the tutorial through. It gets easier