NFL Fever 2004

Not sure if anyone here is playing this but I picked up my copy today. Overall, I am really impressed although even I can tell (and I suck) that it’s not as hard core as the other offerings out there. Read and lead is really tough and I don’t think I’ll really ever get into it (see previously mentioned suckage), but the trigger passing is a nice balance.

The default speed is a little slower than in the past, but the option is there to speed it up (I actually slow it down). The graphics are generally very good and overall I had a lot of fun losing to the Jets and Falcons. One thing, the commentary really blows gigantic ass.

That’s like saying Carrot Top isn’t quite on the same level as George Carlin. :wink:

Just a quick follow up, I’m taking it back in and going with ESPN 2004. Whatever I was digging when I first opened it up wore off and now I find myself noticing the game’s flaws more and more. Someday the Fever franchise may come into its own, and it definitely made strides this year, but I think I’m going to have to pass for now.

Until Microsoft decides what it wants the series to be it will continue to struggle. Half assed arcade game plus half assed football simulation = half assed football game.

Yeah… it seems like they went backwards. The running animations are very awkward and look like someone did a very simple run animation and looped it without ever really looking at how someone runs. Passing with the button + trigger method is funky; it’s almost disconcerting as trigger first will let you look left/right, and when you try to do quick buttons if you do it wrong (which can happen a lot) you’ll get sacked a lot. COME ON THROW THE FRIGGIN BALL happened a lot this weekend.

— Alan