NFL (Kwame Harris highlight video)

Man, poor kid has some enemies. Bill and shadarr, speak!

Painful. I tell you what though, that video gave me some more confidence in Alex Smith. Thank God that kid has some wheels with that line.

That’s the saddest NFL video I have ever seen.
And fuck that first song pick.

I saw that a couple days ago and thought it was pretty funny. He’s the last of the Terry Donahue first round picks, and only marginally less of a bust than the rest. I won’t be at all sorry if he’s traded before the draft, which is the rumour.

It’s interesting to see on a lot of those plays that Jennings and Allen on the left side did not get pushed back at all. Jennings seems to have trouble with speed rushers, or maybe it’s just that he tries to take them wide and maintain the pocket, but that gives Smith nowhere to go when Harris completely whiffs on his guy.

What was the first song from? I thought the syncing of “holding” with the ref was particularly well done. The whole thing could’ve been shortened, however.

Xena. I love Xena :(

To be fair, again, it’s not like Harris was this huge reach – he was very highly regarded coming out of school at the time and was drafted right around where people thought he would be. If the Niners hadn’t taken him, someone would have very soon after.

Just sayin’.

I liked the pick at the time. I also liked Andre Carter and Mike Rumph at the time. However, NFL GMs get paid to be smarter than shmucks like me. Fortunately it looks like the new regime is.

Wow, that guy is horrible!

I feel bad about Andre Carter. He is/was a pretty gifted athlete, in outstanding condition. I just think he came at a time when the defensive coaching was subpar, and he suffered as a result.

I liked the Rumph pick too, but it became readily evident that he wasn’t good at much more than than the occasional corner blitz. He sure couldn’t cover, not even as a nickelback. I wanted to cry when he was promoted to starter (not that Jason Webster was stellar either).

Same guy doing his man-crush video on Walt Harris

He’d be perfect on the Lions roster. Maybe our idiot GM (Matt Millen) will trade away our top draft picks for him.