NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


The conventional wisdom is that snow helps the offense… I guess we’ll see if it’s true!


Travis Kelce of the Chiefs went to my high school, Cleveland Heights High. To date, Heights High has produced one NFL Hall-of-Famer, Tom Mack, who had a long career as an offensive lineman for the Rams.


Went there for one year, many, many moons ago. Go Tigers!


Here I am janitor. In former Soviet Union, I am physicist; Leningrad Polytechnica - Go Polar Bears.


… spent time there, as well, although not as a student LOL


In Soviet Russia, school cleans janitor!


Charlie you and Dan made me laugh about the my Vikes. Thx!


Well shit. So much for hoping the Pats would flame out!

My heirarchy of teams entering the playoffs, in terms of Super Bowl preference:
Rams/ Chiefs
Anyone but New England

Well I can see where this is headed.


Right there with you. I think my preferred ranking is the same too.

At least the Eagles lost, though not my preferred 147-0.


Gladys Knight sings the National Anthem! Aside from who may or may not bend the knee --what a good choice! I wish my Vikes were there.


Should I be voting for a team to lose? I don’t even know the schedule anymore. Playoffs are weird.


2 games on Sunday, I would expect a poll soonish.


Whew! Safe. For now.



  • Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots
  • Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints
  • New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs
  • New Prleans Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

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The New Prleans Patriots must be new!


… damn it. What I get for doing it while at an airport terminal


Whooaaa are you flying to Chicago? Winter storm approaching. Hope you don’t get stuck anywhere.


Yup, connecting in Denver then on to Chicago.

Yeah. I’m a bit concerned. But I land 10am local, so should be fine.


I think New Prleans is going down!


Picking the Patriots to lose this time, only because I’d like to see the Chiefs in the Superbowl. Against the Saints if at all possible. ;)