NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Ok, marking you down as team ‘giant meteor’


Or a hurricane of biblical proportions.


I’d be okay with either, as long as the effects are contained to the stadium ;)


Btw I agree --who’s doing the half time? Taylor?


Just to add to reasons to avoid the game, half time is Maroon 5.


I have to be at a bar for the game. I didn’t realize it’s Maroon 5 at halftime. Someone please do a health check on me in the third quarter. Bleh.


Worst timeline confirmed.


You know what fuck it. Patriots to lose. I am not going to win this game, and I would rather be hopeful the Rams can win this.


This. Damn the Patriots! Go Rams!

Btw, my old school football soul really digs seeing the Rams in the old Royal Blue and Yellow throwbacks, playing in LA. It feels like the world righting itself a bit.

I have a feeling that karmically, the Rams got a shot.


Really? Because they shouldn’t even be in the Superbowl. The Saints should be there. If there’s any karma to be had, it’s that the Patriots will stomp the Rams mercilessly.


There are 31 teams that have a better Karmic bank than the damed Patriots, Spect.


Yeah yeah. Ok…

Listening to the Patriots hate in this thread is like listening to a bunch of liberals talk about Trump. Ignore all the positive things, and accomplishments, and just focus on the negatives. Most of which are fake/made up.




AFC champ for 3 years running and 9 of the last 18 seasons instead of one of our preferred/home teams? Not sure how you can get around THAT negative. This is sports, not politics.


i’m still playing, but I’m officially (get it?) playing under protest, as RichVR obviously bought off the refs! ;)


So noted. Your protest will be discarded, er, reviewed by the appropriate authority ;)


Tom Brady getting his finger ready for another ring.


And you ask “why the Pats hatred”?

Do you pass on the right and not use a signal ? Do you say “Nomahhh”? 😀



For myself, I’m just waiting for Brady and Belichick to retire, so I can bask in the joy of watching the Patriots get handed 42-3 plasterings at the hands of, say, the Jets.


I think any of the non-Patriots fans are in this boat, but the really dark side of me knows that they will never go away. That organization will survive and my guess is it will at least have some early successes with a follow-up coach and QB. I know that’s a devastating combo to replace, but everyone is speculating that they will leave together, and I’m not so sure that will happen.