NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


We need a BBQ thread man. That sounds delicious. Akin to the cleaver chopped stuff from a pig pickin’. Is that a term only around here?


@Navaronegun, @ArmandoPenblade

  1. Go to Q39
  2. Order the burnt ends
  3. Repeat as often as your arteries will allow.


It’s been added to the list!


So what NFL hometown has the worst BBQ?


Just saw this and have to say having lived here my whole life (yet have traveled a fair bit) I agree completely. If you need a place to relax though it isn’t bad as you don’t have to worry about missing anything since there is nothing going on (except some damn good football to the east!). I think most Kansans count the Royals and Chiefs as home teams as the city they are based in has the name of the state they are not in. At least that’s how it is in the eastern part of the state.




Probably Buffalo. Just look what they did to chicken wings!


San Francisco.


I’d put forward Boston for the Pats. There isn’t really anything that qualifies as uniquely Bostonian BBQ, but the sad attempts at the genre they try to copy from elsewhere are a testament to the sole redeeming quality of the American South (the food).



Natural landscapes, my friend. And colloquialisms. Don’t hyperbole yourself into a corner now.


And music, don’t forget how important and influential the New Orelans jazz scene was, and is!


Blues and Bluegrass. Literature (McCullers and Faulkner, just to start…).


Week 3 - Buffalo Bills to Lose


Depends on whether you include Oakland - there’s some great BBQ in the East Bay…


I actually like this. But it ain’t BBQ. :)


Got to get my 1st loser after two weeks of winners :(

The Bills have to lose, don’t they?

Put me down for the Bills


I think the Bills will be my choice too.


The Chargers are going down this week.


My vote this week is the Jets. Cleveland gets it’s first win in a long time. Open the fridges.