NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


They heard me. :)


Josh Rosen finally got his first taste of regular season play, trying to bring the Cardinals back after they blew their early lead to the Bears. They just needed a field goal to put themselves back in the lead, but his first series ended in a pickoff at the Chicago 32. His second and last almost ended in another pick, but it was called back on a penalty. Then when setting up for a Hail Mary pass, he got sacked. Welcome to the NFL, kid.


Good gracious did I miss out on my chance to pick the Patriots to lose again???


Sure seems like it. NE just used their last timeout and need two touchdowns. That’s a tall order, even for Brady (who has been pretty abysmal, today).


The saving grace for me today was that pretty much every other team I considered picking won. Wild week.


Well, QT3 has taking a major beating on our prognostication skill this week, but @Thraeg may yet redeem us if the Buccaneers fall prey to a Steelers resurgence on Monday!

And for anyone who is still on the fence about joining in: there’s just a three game gap in a LONG season, and many of us have made “safe” picks early on (seriously, wth is up with Buffalo AND Detroit winning?!?).


We can still join in?




I never in a thousand, no million years, would have thought the Detroit Lions would blow out the Patriots.


Groovy, I’ll pick between Tuesday and when the Rams blow the Vikings out on Thursday night :(


Patriots didn’t get one single first down until well into the second quarter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen to the Patriots before. Granted, I don’t watch every game or anything, and my interest for American football is recent, but still.


I mean, starting at 0 wins will put you right in step with a good chunk of us I imagine!


I have no idea what’s going to happen to the Patriots next week, but it’s worth noting they haven’t lost three in a row since 2002.


Hey @Navaronegun I just want you to know, I’m counting on your Fins. Because that would be about the best thing ever.


Seriously, congrats to anyone who made picks and survived the massacres yesterday. What a wild day


Do not, not, not select the Fins next week.

The Fins historically beat the Pats, fairly regularly in fact, but only in Miami. NEVER in Foxborough.


Oh I’m not planning on selecting them! I am, however, rooting for them this week.


Well that week was fun.

The next week looks like a total dart throw. Games that looked like sure locks are now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Bills @ Packers? Who knows?
Browns @ Raiders? Who cares? :-)
Jets @ Jags? The Jags lost at home to the Titans. Pass.
Etc etc. Welcome to parityville.

I’d pick the Broncos to get trounced by the Chiefs on Monday Night, but crazy things happen at Mile High*.

As much as I hate to kick a team when it’s down, I’m gonna pick the poor 49ers to lose to the Chargers.

*Mile High magic hasn’t really been a thing since #7 stopped taking the snaps from center.


Yeah - I would be leaning towards the Broncos, but it is so hard to pick against the home team, and picking against the Broncos at Mile High in September is aggressive.


I think tonight will resolve my selection for next week. If Pittsburgh looks bad again, I may take them. But they are at home. Generally I like to pick road teams as my losers. So barring that flyer, this week, I either get to hate Cleveland at Oakland or Miami at New England. Hard for me to hate good ole Cleveland at Antifa central.

I can always summon up some hate for my hometown, however.

Hmmmm…this week is gonna be complicated…