NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Also picking the Giants to lose tonight. Go Iggles!


Oh, we suck. But the Fins will win at home. Just to give false hope to the fans…


I really want to pick the Giants to lose, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. The Eagles have been so mediocre …


Well you’ve got 5 minutes to decide ;)



Nope, can’t do it. Now the Eagles will win 500-0.


All right. @Jason_Levine and @ddtibbs are our only willing participants in this confusing mess that is the Thursday game. Both betting on the Iggles to do it.

Let’s see them squirm as each team has 3+ turnovers


@Doctor_Hillbilly - I’ve got you with two picks (AZ & OAK). Which one do you want?


Little late this week. I’ll take Denver to lose


Yeah, I think I’m caught between Denver and New England.

funny aside; the score as I write is Philadelphia winning 34-13, but the headline on is “Barkley is putting on a show”




It is strange that the NFL is giving props to the NBA, lol


Damn! If the Browns had started the season with an actual kicker on their roster, I’d be 5-0. Edit: And so would they.


I picked OAK originally, but I’m going to go with the easy win - er, loss - in order to keep up with all the prognosticators here and pick AZ to lose.


Somehow @ddtibbs has six picks already. @Dan_Theman


He picked the Giants to get stomped last night. Which they dutifully did.


Oh crap. It’s Friday already? Getting old sucks donkey balls.

Edit: OTOH, it’s bar night! Time to kill the remaining brain cells, accompanied by the wife.


lol - yep, it’s week 6, and he grabbed the Thursday game


Shhh, I’m trying to slip a couple through while no one’s paying attention.


Vote early and often? Did George Soros put you up to this?


Going into Sunday's games ...

Still looking for picks:
@rhamorim (may be the first of us to 6 “wins”)
@wahoo (unless I was blind, again)
@Mr_Bismarck (Marino may have a guess!)
@Gutsball (whose picks live up to the name)
@Grim72 (You won! Come back!)

Still has one too many picks:
@Doctor_Hillbilly (AZ or OAK?)