NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Week 1 Loser: Bills


Ok I’m ready. Were I forced to pick one loser if my life depended on it, it is totally the Bucs losing to the Saints. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’ll have lots of chances to pick them to lose. I want a mediocre team losing to a potentially great one. Save the meatballs for later

Game 1: The 49ers lose to the Vikings.


This is a great bit of strategery, everyone!



Plus the more our picks spread out, the more chances of some of us screwing up :P


One week, it’s going to feel really good to pick the Raiders. But I’m going to let that one simmer and pick…

The Texans.


Gotta go with the Texans


I’m going to make my pick very easy.

It’s whoever the Patriots play against every week.

Since we’ll play division rivals twice, I’ll need to make 3 other picks during the season to not violate the repeat
rule. Oh and 1 additional pick for the bye week.


Week 1: Patriots

Wild Card!


Standings and picks now up top in the OP. Feel free to change at any time up until games are played!

(I’m still debating on my pick, fwiw)

PS - and please, if anyone is thinking they’re too late to join, you’re not!


Hey Dan, would it be a good idea to create a poll, and lock it once games start playing? Might be easier than scraping posts. Plus no chance of missing an edit!


Nice idea!

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Minnesota Vikings

0 voters

    • New England Patriots
    • New Orleans Saints
    • New York Giants
    • New York Jets
    • Oakland Raiders
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • St. Louis Rams
    • San Diego Chargers
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Seattle Seahawks
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Tennessee Titans
    • Washington Redskins

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Ok so there is a hard limit of 20 entries, so I had to split it between two polls. But it’s there! Automatically closes tomorrow at kickoff.


Nice! Thanks for doing that.


@Navaronegun @rhamorim @cannedwombat @Spect @Gutsball @Charlatan come on and vote in the poll!

Remember, just because there are two polls, there is only one vote. No getting cheeky here :)


Come on slackers! Vote.


I miss that old scraping script we had for the picks on the old board before the split.


@CraigM Done. Nice idea and thanks for setting it up.


Voted in the poll and Redskins are my pick.