NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Cool idea. Picked 49ers for week one.


So many tempting picks. I’m choosing the 49ers this week, as well.


Dammit my Carolina hatred is feeling ill advised


(more seriously; they’re a slight favorite at home over the Cowboys, but who really knows at this point of the season? edit - and you can still change your mind, if another city has properly earned your ire)


No, I must be strong, and let my hate see me through.


Stick with it. Cam Newton is an insufferable ass too. So you’ll get Schadenfreude as well as venting petty hate!


Business decision


Week 1 pick: Seattle

Good times!


Cool! I am in. Week 1: Jets.



I am being a homer this week… Haha!


As a huge Packers fan, I have a bad feeling about this week. Bulaga hasn’t played much since the injury, Khalil Mack is going to run wild, we’re already thin at linebacker and we always lose the first couple games under McCarthy.

I mean, it’s this or the Metrodome game.


HA! Look at all the people picking the Texans to lose to New England in week 1!

Yes people, that’s right! Welcome to Patriots Nation! WoooT!


Patriots and Steelers always scare me early as they tend to be slow starters some years, then go on a huge win streak. Never know this year, though.


Yeah, 2-2 in the first 4 games last year, and we barely beat the Texans in week 3. It does take them a few weeks to ramp up, but I’m hoping for another 2007 regular season this year! (undefeated until Super Bowl)

The year before, 2016 we started 3-1 with a loss to the Bills at home! Ugh! That was with back up QBs though.
We shut out the Texans in Week 3 that year.

My prediction for week 1 2018 is Patriots 28 - Texans 17


Going to start with Washington and work my way backward through the alphabet.


That’s a man with a plan!


I’ll go with da Bears as losers this week to win! Oh, and I put it in the poll after posting.


I wonder if he watched the first season of Survivor…


No worries, I’ll get you in :)