NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)




What is happening!

Edit: so all of you who had Case Keenim leads last second game winning 82 yard drive on your bingo cards… you’re a liar



You’re hired, @CraigM.

Chargers snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Go Broncos!

NFL is nuts. Rivers makes one dumb play at the 2 minute warning and the Broncos go 70 yards to kick the winner. One mistake exposes the team.


Broncos win? Well that sucks.


So the answer is: number of people picking them to lose. 7 points, yeesh


I am starting to get disappointed.


Don’t bet on the Chargers I told myself. Just dont do it. But then myself drank a beer, and he said to me, “the spread is pretty good. The Chargers should pull this off.” So I gave in. Curse you, self.


Broncos are a very poorly coached team and they make dumb mistakes - but they have been right there in most of their games, including against KC and LA


You’re not wrong. But on any given Sunday, a team might just say, “hold my beer”. Just ask @Skipper


The Vikings and any hope of winning the division


It isn’t over yet,

ok its over drats.


Just a reminder you can still make a pick for tonight’s game! rowe33 is betting on the Rams to lose, fwiw :)


Sorry, I’ve been on the road. I’ll go with the Rams to lose at KC as well.


Just so you’re clear, they’re playing in LA, not in KC.


Game is living up to the hype. Incredible


Back in the 80s I watched the Jets beat the Dolphins 51-45*. This is reminding me of that.

Thankfully, later in the season the Dolphins beat the Jets 45-3 on Monday night for some revenge.


I am in a blind for watching it. Chris was feeding the game earlier. What is going on?


F***: Ken O’Brien, Klecko, Gastineau.

F*** them.


O K … that was decades ago. I was just wondering what was going on now … oh nvm I will check with the Interweb’s thing.