NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


The bandwagon has been berry, berry good to me.


Crazy people picking divisional rivalries!


Picking the Lions to lose this week, but it’s pretty damn unfair what the league is doing to the Bears playing on Sunday night and then Thursday morning - and having to travel to do it. The quickest turnaround in NFL history.

Yeah, they really care about player safety.


Score one for me!

I’ve also not chosen Oakland, Cleveland, or the Giants.

Guess what my season ending picks are going to be!



I… I wasn’t copying you. I was copying some other guy.


Seattle…too one-dimensional for Carolina. Especially travelling from the Left Coast to God’s Country.

It’s a good week to pick the Seahawks to lose.


Pigskins to lose.

Colt McCoy and the Sanchize travel to Jerry-world to hand the control of the NFC East over the Cowboys.


সত্যের জয় সুনিশ্চিত


Dirty Sanchez is still around?


Early me would have to beat you until you cried for your mom down the street. It takes a strong boy to rock that collar. That’s my game face right there.

Then again … one does not simply win a game with a backup quarterback.


NC Mountain kids know how to fight. I know that much.


It looks like I accidentally picked Denver a second time last week. They lost so I guess no harm, right?


GAH! Totally missed it, lol. Yeah, sadly no “win” to be had.


Going with the popular pick this week. Atlanta to lose!


Dan thanks for doing this thread and btw thanks for being a nice guy. I have to pick Atlanta to lose. I am stunned that my Vikings haven’t done better. Sunday night was a crushing blow. Chicago’s defense was serious. I may have to talk to my ex-husband about football because it looked pretty simple to me. Durn ol Chicago.


Thanks for the kind words, and you’re welcome! Yeah, Chicago is a tough nut to crack, but I think Atlanta is a strong pick this time around. I mean, if my Browns could beat them handily, the Saints could probably sleep walk to a win.


I’m surprised the Bears didn’t find a way to screw it up and lose. That’s not quite the same thing, however. They’ve actually gotten better this year about not making the stupid “shoot themselves in the foot” mistakes I’ve come to expect from watching them.


Going to continue to keep the Raiders in my back pocket and follow the crowd until they are ready to be buried by the Chiefs. Falcons to lose to the Saints.


I picked Atlanta since I love the wisdom of Charlatan!