NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Since Trubisky is out hurt due to Harrison Smith’s dirty play Sunday, changing vote from Detroit to Atlanta, following the group mind. However it’s not letting me remove the Lions, is there a way to back that out?


I picked Atlanta first so would you all stop copying me!

My god, I just looked at the vote totals. It is 15-9 for the Falcons. That’s amazing


I believe you need to select the Lions again to remove them, but I’ve got your pick in as ATL, so don’t sweat it. :)


Let’s use a Thanksgiving Day special and say that The Washington Redskins drown in the gravy boat today.


I like the cut of your giblets!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all, even those of you pulling for the Cowgirls. I still love you, but you have to sit at the kids table, sorry. I think one of the kids peed on the seat, you’ll have to wipe it off.


You too Skip.

I predict that today:

1.) I will take a nap after Dinner.

2.) This man will surprise everyone and play, dare I say it, Heroically.


That would make it the best Thanksgiving in a loooooong time.


I like you optimists, but I have this recurring nightmare… it begins with McCoy running out of the pocket often, because he seems to like to run, and because our O line is suffering from injuries., in this nightmare McCoy runs one time too many, and he has to leave a game with injuries… meaning we’ll be looking at Mark Sanchez, Washington Redskins QB.


So the Qt3 league bye week is going well for everyone.

Seriously, 15 people are done by Thursday night. Also Atlanta, you held Brees to 171 yards while Ryan got 377 and you still lost.

You guys are terrible.


Who is going to pick a bird to win at anything on Thanksgiving?


Or a Lion.

How bad do you have to be to get the premier game, at home, against a division rival, with a backup QB, on the shortest rest possible (Bears had the Sunday Night, then Thursday 11am, literally only possible one game a year). And you lose.

Detroit, you are officially having a worse season than Cleveland.


As a Viking I am beside myself with pain. The one time Detroit could have done something useful…


Still looking for picks from:

Lots of good choices are out there :)






Has the Earth’s magnetic field reversed or something? The Browns took a touchback on the opening kickoff and then marched right down the field for a TD. I think that’s their first opening drive TD in the last half century or something.


LOL - yeah, it’s a strange thing. I’m leaning on the Hue Jackson Effect, personally. ;)


You may be right. :) Edit: Hugh Jackson effect, indeed! Holy Shit!


And holy crap. Touchdowns on their first 3 possessions. edit - LOL, same time