NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


And that last drive was 96 yards. Baker Mayfield is on fire.


Followed by Dalton’s first pick in 180 passes against the Browns. Yeah, this game is getting close to being over before halftime (although I’m sure the Browns can still Brown it up).


Yeah, let’s remember who we’re talking about. LOL!


OMG! Mayfield 245 yards passing in the first half. Cleveland’s win probability is now at 98.6 percent Fahrenheit. Which means the Browns are the only team in football capable of blowing this lead. ;)


I’ll go with Arizona.


You got it!


And now they have commenced blowing it. :) Edit: Well, maybe not. :)


Nope, in the end not particularly close.


Broncos / Steelers game was crazy. Blocked kicks, fake FGs, big plays, bigger turnovers and a DT with a game sealing INT


Standings updated. We did MUCH better this week; only a couple of hard luck “losses.” I’d also like to give a shout out to @ArmandoPenblade and @Scott_Lufkin for picking the Bengals to lose to the Browns. Well done!


Err, yes, yes, that was definitely a considered and well-researched choice.



As Browns fans know well, beggars can’t be choosers ;)


Wish I’d started week 1.


lol - you’re certainly on a hot streak. Don’t forget the playoffs are involved, so you absolutely have a chance!

edit - I’m thinking for next season (assuming everyone’s still interested), maybe giving bonus wins after the halfway mark if people choose division leaders to lose. This will not only help those who are new to the game or who have fallen behind to still feel “in it,” but also add a little extra strategy for everyone else. Any thoughts?

And so everyone can weigh in:

  • Sounds awesome
  • Sounds stupid
  • Shitbonerz

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Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs? Playoffs!?


I like the ideas. Most of the winner/loser pools are elimination/suicide, meaning everyone starts on week one and has a unique pick, and if they don’t guess correctly they are either eliminated entirely, or accrue a strike, and continue on until the league strike maximum. So the last person standing wins.

I like this bowl we have going, but with only one win accrued per week, there isn’t a huge gain or loss for people to jump ahead or fall behind. special wagers might help that.

Some other ideas:

  • Double-down: allow a single correct choice to give double “win” points, or double “lose” points. Limited or one-time use.
  • Cutthroat: Allow someone who correctly chose a losing team to apply a lost point to a person who pulled for the wrong team in that matchup for the week. Limited or one-time use.
  • River Bet: Allow someone to gain an extra 2 points for the correct choice on either the AFC or NFC Wildcard playoff game.
  • All In: Prior to the first playoff game, allow everyone to pre-pick the Super Bowl loser to gain +5 points for that game, in addition to the normal pick for the games in the playoffs, week by week.


I like this one - give everyone one chance to wager big.


Also to stick with the card game theme, lets call this one:
Suicide Kings


I think we should see how the season plays out.

What are we going to do for the playoffs? Should we have it that we still can’t select teams we previously selected?

I think it is difficult now for people to “gain on” points, but things will continue to get hairier and hairier as we get closer to the playoffs. We will have picked 16 teams, or 50% of the league by the end of this. I know I am running out of reliably bad teams to pick right now, and I can only assume that it gets worse as we roll into the final weeks of the season here.

I like that the standings now are straight win/loss rates. It is clean. Adding in points would make things a lot more complicated. I think it would be fun to do next year, adding some additional rules in. I remember years ago we did a straight pick-em league where everyone picked win/loss for every game in the season. That was fun.

I think that maybe if we really wanted to do an “extra points” situation we could implement an “Overdog pick” and we could allow people to each week pick a team with the Vegas odds advantage to lose, this would result in no lost points, only the opportunity to gain points?

Or maybe we could pick the Overdog game of the week, and everyone could make their pick as a yes/no and you can gain a point if the overdog loses, or lose a point if they win and each week it would be optional to participate? So if you are set with points you don’t need to risk losing some, but those behind could really pull for that Jets upset win over the patriots to get an extra point in, but still risk falling further behind?

I like the idea of gamifying this more for next year, and I love the whole concept of picking the team to lose.


The selections get wiped clean from the regular season.
Playoff week 1: choose ANY team playing in the wild card games to lose.
Playoff week 2: choose a DIFFERENT team playing in the divisional games.
Playoff week 3: choose a DIFFERENT team playing in the conference games.
Playoff week 4: choose a DIFFERENT team playing in the Super Bowl.

It’s conceivable one could be unlucky enough to get locked out of the Super Bowl if you picked both participants to lose earlier in the playoffs. A strategy to avoid that would be keeping your playoff picks in one conference before the Super Bowl week.