NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


I agree, things might resolve without any need for help. I think Dan was just brainstorming for next year.


I think for the first year, keeping it simple was the way to go.

One thought I had was maybe picking the favored team to lose (and they do) gets you two points.


Yep! I won’t change the rules midstream unless literally everybody wants that, and that’s not the case :)


One twist, it can only be used when picking a team .500 or better


Oooh, devious. I like the extension of that rule. You’d probably have to ban it until mid season though. Otherwise everyone would game it within the first three games or so.


Agreed. I could be convinced that week 5 or later is ok too.


I like that, that is easy. We could just get the final vegas line locked in prior to the game.


I don’t think we need it close to the game either. Isn’t one team usually favored early, but the spread goes up and down?


Yeah, I suppose, unless a major injury happens etc.


Make it easy, set a minimum threshold. No victory for picking San Francisco as 1 point dogs in Arizona or something, but big points for picking the Bills to beat the Vikings as 7 point dogs.

Like that would ever happen.


Raiders to lose.


Raiders to lose to the Chiefs (for the next 5 years or so until Jon Gruden gets fired)


My Vikes can still win the division. Let me study the odds a bit… I’m thinking Bengals for the loss.


OAK to lose

I am running out of bad teams. I always hate to pick a home team to lose, but this is my best available option.

The only road team I would be picking to be vulnerable would be the Vikings, but even with the Patriots playing so well at home, the Vikings D is tough, and New England’s is not. Not an easy pick that one.

Haven’t burned up my Raiders pick yet, so here goes.


Raiders lose. Been waiting 13 weeks to say that. It’s everything I dreamed it would be.


Jumping on the Oakland to lose bandwagon. As far as changes for next year I will go with the flow.


Sorry for the delay, yesterday was a ‘fly out of O’hare while recovering from a blizzard’ type day.

  • Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers
  • Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
  • Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Chicago Bears at New York Giants
  • Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans
  • Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions
  • Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots
  • New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
  • New York Jets at Tennessee Titans
  • San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
  • Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

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  • Atlanta Falcons vs Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints
  • Detroit Lions vs Los Angeles Rams
  • Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals
  • Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts
  • Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
  • New England Patriots vs Minnesota Vikings
  • New York Giants vs Chicago Bears
  • Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers
  • Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers
  • Tennessee Titans vs New York Jets

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I’m starting to lose track of who I already voted for. Is that tracked anywhere? Should I have been tracking that?


Dan has been logging that in the first post


Washington to lose, but I don’t feel good about it