NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Yeah, this is a crazy first half. I’m rather stunned, but I can’t believe the Saints won’t mount a comeback.



Cleveland to lose


Oh, ye of little faith! The nigh unstoppable juggernaut of the Cleveland Browns will surely take down the Texans. Sure, Houston is good, but they’re not The Best. Do you know who is The Best? The Browns: best bad team in the NFL.


Well, maybe not …


Didn’t see that one coming.


Did anyone?

Sure, on the road at a good, but not great, team. So this isn’t the Bills beating the Vikings. But it’s also pretty damn odd.

Who had Dallas holding Brees to 127 yards?


The Dallas pressure on Brees was pretty impressive. It appears Dallas is peaking at a good time.



I too was burned by the Saints losing to a mediocre team, Tampa Bay.


I’m in!!


I mean, we will see, but I might be in the 4 bad picks group come Monday.


I hope you’re not in the 4 bad picks group… those people are bad news.


As long as you don’t end 7-9, you should be good. Can’t have that 7-9 bullshit here, the Ot3 NFL Loser Bowl 2018-2019 is too good for that.


Ill go with the Ravens this week.


Jacksonville to lose.


Got the picks updated. There are what appear to be a couple of double picks, unless I’m mistaken and I’ve reinvigorated @Wahoo’s belief in the Browns! Also, @Navaronegun, I’ve got you with both Cincinnati and Washington. Both are great picks, but we’ve got to go with one or the other :)


Sorry, these guys.


No worries. They’d be my pick between the two, as well :)


Ba. I’l take Oakland then. Not much drama there.


I thought I hadn’t picked but then I remembered the Dallas game counted for this week. So now all I can do is sit here rooting against each of you!