NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


Pbilly to losel


Hmm sry. I must have gotten mixed up. Steelers to lose.

I think my Vikes are almost playoff eliminated but I guess if Chicago loses all three left and we win the last three…I am gonna check.


No worries, and as a Browns fan, I cheer your pick!



The Vikes still control their own playoff destiny. The sixth seed spot is still theirs, by half a game.

And honestly it looks like 8 wins will get it. So they win two of their next three, they get in I think.


I’m making you proud today. All in on Da Bears.


I would be too, if I hadn’t grabbed the Pack in week 6 or so.


Pack just tied it up. This is getting interesting.


Thanks Ravens. I always liked corvids.


This is what I get for betting on cat teams.


We lost one of the unbeaten today and looks like you are on top by yourself.


I’d like to thank the Bears defense this week. I’d like to not thank them for winning the division.


Not blind, I had PC problems and forgot to make my pick. I guess I’ll pick the Carolina Panthers to lose to the Saints.


@cannedwombat It has been a pleasure sir.


Earn this.


The heck is going on with the Seahawks v 49ers game? I thought for sure the Hawks would be up.



Welllllllll - you wait 10 weeks for an opening at the top and then the Seahawks pull that


Hmm my Vikings could have done worse. I knew they could beat durn ol Miami. Hmm I need to check on Chicago…


Is this the week that the last of the ‘unvictorious’ falls?

What is even going on in LA?