NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


closet Ravens fan cheering


Chargers you let me down! :(


I 've been saving Detroit to lose for this week.


Got the picks updated.

Two re-picks needed:
@Doctor_Hillbilly - you picked the Bungles a couple weeks ago
@Spect - you picked Buffalo about halfway through the season

Picks still outstanding:

Link to the top to see who you’ve picked

Link to the poll to make your picks - poll closed, so just post them here :)


Chiefs to lose.


I checked so carefully, too. Ok, the early games already being underway, and my Bengals pick being a repeat, I’m going to go with PIT losing to NO.


I mean I wasn’t freaking out about the Giants game at all.


The Giants lose in a nail biter, and… (checks this weeks picks)…

Damn you @RichVR.


Oh, did they play already?

Seriously, I had a real bad feeling about this game. I was almost right.


Yeah, the Colts got Luck - y

Of course, my alternate was going to be Jax to lose, so I did well not to go with the alternate pick


woops! Guess I need to pick KC to lose tonight…


Dang it I need to check this thread before Sunday.

I can change my pick to Oakland tonight?


Sure thing!


Then the real loser is you here, as now you need to pay attention to a wretched Denver/ Oakland game.


From a football perspective, sure. But what about answering the age-old question of what happens when incredibly inept meets tremendously terrible? Philosophers will be writing about this for eons to come!


Denver/Oakland played on week 2. Philosophers (and the aforementioned teams) took the day off.


Fortunately it’s Christmas Eve and I’ll be with family, not giving 1 shit about this game.


Raiders last game in Oakland on Christmas eve Monday night football should be a spectacle, if nothing else, especially against the broncos.


I would have never imagined the bears doing so well… I cry every night about my Vikings. But we aren’t quite over yet…


Standings Updated

Not a lot of movement up top, but again we should all remember there's one game left in the regular season and then four in the playoffs.

Why does that matter? Every team we choose to lose in the playoffs is going to be a good team. Upsets are going to be MUCH more likely.

edit - in a true holiday miracle, the Browns have the chance (albeit slim) to have a winning record if they defeat the Ravens in their finale. If the Steelers manage to beat the Bengals (likely), the Ravens would also get knocked out of the playoffs with a loss to the Browns.