NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


I can’t believe I am saying this but… Vikings and browns. Have I mentioned Dan I met the browns owner --uh – a few times? Guess I shouldn’t say anything else. Not like HE’S done anything to make your team a bit better…

Vikings and Browns have a playoff potential.

He’s sorta a nice guy when you meet him, But god knows what he’s thinking.

Probably how to put a few new Pilot truck stops in Hawii.


LOL - yeah, you hinted about it, and frankly confirmed the limited impression I’ve had. But yeah, both teams have the ability to be dangerous. I’ve actually enjoyed watching the Browns this season from a pure football point of view, which is something I haven’t been able to say in … well, a LONG time.

LMAO - this, I can see


Dan I loved the Hard Knocks --even if no one (almost no one from the pre season show) is left now this late season. Cleveland makes the playoffs? Who would have ever thunk. I wish your team the best of luck.

But in my NFC north no one could have suspected Chicago to be such a powerhouse. And we spent every dime we had on Cousins…


Do the Redskins play this week? They’re the last team I can think to hate pick in the NFL!

I’m also growing very alarmed at my ranking. One more lucky break and I’m in the black for the first time all season. WEIRD


Everyone plays this week! And I’mma pick Washington to lose too! Come with me.


Redskins play the Eagles so you have a very good chance of your hate pack being successful.


Washington to lose. Unless I picked them already (and that might be likely because … well they are Washington)


Nope, you’re all good! Great pick to end the regular season with :)


Is this the week that I finally pick my beloved Jets? To lose? Stay tuned.


Don’t do it! the Ghost of Joe Namath will haunt you! (even if he is still alive)


Going to hate pick WAS to lose.


Picking Oakland to lose, so just watch them win!


Carolina to lose


A season of Gruden-hoarding comes down to this. I’m going to say OAK loses to the Chiefs, who actually have something to play for. Sorry, Jay Gruden.


I can’t believe it. By some Christmas magic I still haven’t picked the Jags yet

JAX to lose on the road to the Texans, who are playing a must-win game to take the AFC South crown.


He’s still around. He’s selling questionable insurance to old people.

And I already picked them once.

Looks like Jags to lose.


I picked the Jags to beat the Chucky Jrs and that ruined the perfect (imperfect?) season so, sure. Jags to lose. I’m sure it will be fine.


Jags to lose this week.


Jets (NYJ) to lose to New England.


Lucky bastard! :)